Sengerio is basically a product by start-up Allbus and is a management software for transport companies and travel planning partners worldwide. Mostly the travel companies possess a very complex and individualized system. Their phone calls information and reports can easily mix up and it is very hard to keep the record in the paper form and that is why the reports of the companies easily mix up.
Sengerio management software is providing a solution for all these challenges and you don’t have to be trained in order to use this software. This is because of the simple interface of the web app. Users can handle everything within a single interface.

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Following are some of the features of Sengerio web app.

Everything within a single platform:

Sengerio is making things easy for the bus charters and their travel partners. The web app has integrated all the features in a single platform which means that you don’t have to be dependent on different platforms to manage your system. The web app includes booking, scheduling, managing vehicles and drivers, invoicing, communication, customer service and reports. This include all the features that a bus charter company will require for their management system.

Simple and easy:

The best thing about this management web app that it is easy to use and is very simple to understand. The interface provided in the web app is designed to be understandable and you don’t need to be trained to use this software. The software simplifies and improves the world of the bus charter. Because of this ease of use it is unnecessary to use any other software to run your business. You can rely on the features of Sengerio to manage your bus charter company effectively.

Suitable for all size of companies:

It doesn’t matter whether you are running a small company or big, management is always an issue. The more it gets simplified the more are the chances of the company to grow. Sengerio is suitable for all size of companies. The web app helps the companies to grow and speed up each activity. You can directly contact the travel agents and can build strong relationships. By preventing errors, you can efficiently lead towards a successful future. Although the vision of the company is same, to connect your company and all the team members in order to improve communication. Improved communication is always beneficial for any company.

Available on various platform:

Sengerio is not only providing its services as a web app but it is also available for many other platforms such as mobile phones and desktops. The idea is to make it available all the time so users can connect to the company from anywhere and anytime. Although the mobile version is not as powerful and complex as its web app but it is still very effective for drivers to connect and keep the management system updated. Providing easy access will make it part of your daily procedure and you can handle various tasks from anywhere. The mobile app is for the drivers and supports all the levels.


Another feature of this web app is that you can accept payments online. All you need to do is to integrate it with stripe and you can receive and accept online payments. This makes it easier for the driver to accept credit card payments on board. Another integration allows you to send the SMS when the drivers arrive and you can also attach the driver information.
Sengerio enables the transport company to manage in an incredibly easy and comprehensive way. This is also a secure way of managing all your aspects. The simple and intuitive design makes it easy to learn and use, giving any user the opportunity to participate in the company growth. Sengerio is offering a free version but there are also premium versions available starting from 8 dollars per month. You can choose from the four premium packages according to your need.

The 8 dollars per month package includes one vehicle, 2 human resources, vehicle assignments, driver assignments, assistant assignment, vehicle management and deadline center. Second premium package is premium smart and is of 12 dollars per month and has the addition of Sengerio driver app services. With Sengerio driver, drivers can read the service to be performed, input expenses, refueling and much more. Third premium package is the premium classic and it prices as same as premium smart. There is no Sengerio driver in this package but along with the features of first package you can enjoy invoicing, payment management, statements and reminders. The last package is premium full and you can have it in 16 dollars per month. Premium full contains all the features of first, second and third packages, which means that you can enjoy all the features of the web app.

You can also enjoy discount of 5% with the annual invoicing.
You can increase the pricing accuracy and can have easy access to essential data. That is why Sengerio is the valuable business platform for the travel companies. The software is capable of supporting your company’s unique and specific needs. They understand that the needs of companies differ significantly from each other and that is why they aim to build strong client relationship, which is only possible when they provide quality service that exceeds the goals of everyone involved. So generate quotes and reservations with the support of price list and maps and let their software make it easy for your travel business .

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