Is your friend admitted to the hospital for an illness or has he undergone any kind of operation? Well, being in the hospital is nothing less than annoying where all you see is medicines and injections all around.

To make him feel better, visiting is a great option, but another way out to cheer them up for a very long time is sending across flowers. Flowers, in general, have the ability to bring about a smile and when they are in bright colours, the monotony of the hospital room gets a break.

While there are multiple florists for flower delivery in South East Melbourne out there who make special arrangements to deliver flowers to patients at hospitals, here are a few things to keep in mind before you take the next step.

Check if the hospital allows flower delivery

There are times when flowers are allowed only until the reception and not further than that. Hospitals have their own set of norms while keeping patients’ safety and security in mind. Only when you cross-check that the hospital allows delivery of flowers to the patient, take the next step. You wouldn’t want to feel disappointed in not being able to cheer your friend up and secondly wasting money.

Is your friend allergic to flowers?

There are several who have flower allergies and therefore, you need to crosscheck if your friend has any pollen allergy or not. If he alright with receiving them, then you can send across. If not, look out for flowers that are allergy-free. Carnations, chrysanthemums, etc. do not have exposed pollen and so it wouldn’t harm them in any way.

Cross-check the flowers well

Since it is a hospital and it is disinfected all the time, you wouldn’t want to bring in infections through flowers. It can turn wrong, especially when your friend has a wound or has undergone an operation. Therefore, check the flowers personally for the presence of insects, eggs or grime. It is only then that the flowers should get delivered to your friend.

Avoid large flower arrangements

No matter how dear your friend is, always keep the flower arrangement minimal. Hospital rooms aren’t equipped with much furniture, and the flowers may have to be kept at a table where there are medicines kept. Therefore, keep things minimal. Your friend will understand your emotions and not judge you by the size of the flowers.  

Try sending a houseplant

House plants are an option if you want your friend to remember your gesture for a very long time. These are plants that do not wither away after some time and can be taken home too. It can stay as a memory for your friend where he can put it in their bedroom and make it a decorative. House plants are known to purify indoor air as well as keep insects away.

When looking for florists to help you, ensure that they have prior experiences to send flowers to hospital. They will know what the arrangement should be, and they will also help you with suggestions that will make your gift a perfect one.

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The author has had experiences with opting for flower delivery in South East Melbourne and writes this article to let people know of things to remember when they send flowers to hospital