If you want to get a message across to another person with the maximum possible impact, then one of the most effective means of doing so is to send a greeting card. Even in this age of electronic connectivity, when it’s quick and simple to send a text, facebook message or tweet, there is something especially meaningful about personally written and signed photo cards, in that they really let the person receiving them know you’ve taken time and trouble to make a choice directly suited to them.

When it comes to choosing a greeting cards to send to a friend or loved one, the choice available in the shops can often leave quite a lot to be desired. After all, what most people are looking for is something which not only looks good but also captures something of the personality of the person sending it and whoever is on the receiving end. Sadly, this is often difficult, since mass produced cards are designed to appeal to the broadest range of people as possible, meaning that the images chosen are picked precisely because of their somewhat bland and uninspiring nature.

In order to be acceptable to the widest possible audience and suitable for as broad a range of occasions as possible, the pictures on most commercially available cards are somewhat predictable and, by their very nature, repetitive. When sending a card to someone, it’s impossible to escape the nagging dissatisfaction caused by the knowledge that hundreds of other people have already sent and received the exact same card many times over in the past. How many times have you walked the aisles of a greeting card shop, looking through the goods on offer, with a firm idea in your mind of what the ideal card would look like, only to be frustrated by the choices on offer and finally settling for something which is little more than a compromise? Photo cards make ideal greetings in many respects, since the very best can be kept and enjoyed as visual treats for years to come, but if you want one which is truly individual, personal and unique then the answer is to make it yourself.

In the past, of course, this would have been impossible for the vast bulk of people, requiring access to specialised printing equipment, photographic skill and undoubted artistic ability. Digital photography, however, has altered all of this, with absolutely anyone who can take a digital photograph now in a position to be able to turn it into a greeting card with the very minimum of fuss and needing absolutely no experience or knowledge whatsoever.

The options opened up by this are virtually limitless. After all, what could be better on the day of someone’s fiftieth wedding anniversary than a card which features a picture of them as they were on their wedding day, or back even further, when they were just a young couple embarking on their relationship together? Similarly, a birthday card for a doting grandparent, signed by a grandchild, will always touch the heart, but imagine how much more moving it would be if the image on the front was a charming picture of the child in question.

The software used means that you merely have to upload the image of your choice, set the size, shape and any text of the card and then sit back while the work is done for you. Whether it’s one photo card to mark a special occasion, or a run of fifty to say thank you to everyone who attended your wedding, it will be produced to the highest possible standard and will be more than a match for anything you might have bought from a retailer.

If you want to send a greeting card, then you’ve already decided to make the effort to let someone somewhere know what they mean to you. Why not go that little bit further and design your own photo cards to send a greeting which is personal in the purest sense of the word, because it’s a greeting which could only have come from you.

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