When you really want to let somebody know you’re thinking of them, one of the best ways of doing so is to send a greeting card. A card arriving through the post, or even hand delivered, will always be especially thrilling, and photo cards are particularly appealing, since the right choice of photo can result in a card which doubles as an attractive object or work of art in its’ own right.

Choosing a greeting card can often be quite tricky. You want something which looks appealing and will chime with the personality of the person receiving it whilst also perhaps being amusing, or conveying an apt message. Every card shop on the high street offers a huge selection, with cards catering for virtually every occasion imaginable but it can still be incredibly difficult to find something which fits the bill perfectly. That’s why making your own card is such an attractive option, since it allows you to be in complete control of every single aspect of the finished product, as well as ensuring that the card in question will be absolutely unique. In times gone by this was an option only really open to a few people – namely those blessed with the artistic skill and equipment required to produce an individual work of art.

The onward march of technology, however, has changed all of this, with digital photography meaning that it’s now possible for absolutely anybody to produce bespoke photo cards using the image of their choice. Personalised cards like this are absolutely perfect for a wide range of special occasions, since the image can be made to match the circumstances exactly. When sending thank you cards, for example, the best that are usually available are bland and dull looking cards with the words ‘Thank You’ printed on the front and not much else. Whilst they’ll get the basic message across, that’s just about all they do, without offering any kind of personal touch or individuality. How much more heartfelt would that thank you seem if it was accompanied with a specially chosen photograph? Thanking somebody for a christening gift, for example, would mean so much more if the card featured a beautiful picture of the baby or young child in question. The online technology available means that producing photo cards of this type is as easy as buying mass produced cards, with a finished product which, in terms of quality, leaves almost anything you can buy in the shops trailing in its’ wake.

The only ‘work’ involved for the customer lies in choosing the photograph they wish to use. If you’re sending a card for a friend’s 40th birthday, for instance, what could me more amusing, affectionate and apt than printing one of them using a picture taken when they were a mere babe in arms? Just imagine how much a card like this would stand out amidst the ranks of shop bought cards, and how much it would say about the amount of thought you’ve put into sending it. Too often, sending cards can seem to be something of a chore, something which people do because they feel they have to. Making and sending your own cards in this manner couldn’t be further away from this approach, making it clear in the strongest possible terms that you’ve thought long and hard about the person, how much they mean to you and the occasion you’re marking. Sending a card like this is a way of sending a little bit of yourself and receiving it will make someone’s day in a very special way.
The next time you need to send a greeting card, don’t put up with whatever the nearest stationer is willing to provide. Making your own photo cards allows you to send exactly the card you wish to send, right down to the shape, size and any text you wish to include. Once you’ve done it, you’ll never want to go back to shop bought.

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