Sending a greeting card is still one of the most effective ways of letting people know that you’re thinking of them and really care for them. Despite the ease with which we can now all communicate via electronic means such as facebook, twitter and text messaging, there is still nothing quite like the impact of a personally chosen card bearing a message of your choice, and photo cards offer a means of taking this impact and making it even stronger.
There are many occasions during the course of each and every year when you might wish to send greeting cards to a member of your family or a friend. Birthdays and Christmas are the obvious times, but there are now cards available for virtually every occurrence you can think of. Whether the person in question is moving house, getting married, having a baby, christening that baby, passing an exam, staring a new job, graduating from university, retiring or just not feeling too well, there’s bound to be a card out there which deals specifically with the situation.

The difficulty, however, often lies in finding exactly the right card for the person who’ll be receiving it. Every card shop is crammed full of cards but all too often they’re produced to pander to the lowest common denominator, taking care not to be too striking, individual or different in case this scares away potential customers. Photo cards are an excellent example of this. Finding a card featuring an image which is just right for the person you want to send the card to is often all but impossible, and most people end up compromising on something which is sort of okay but far from ideal. This, however, seems to be a shame. After all, the whole point of sending someone a card is to let them know that you’re thinking about them, and the thing that gives a card such an emotional impact is the very effort involved in choosing, writing and sending it. That’s why cards still mean so much more than a phone call or a text message – because of the time involved in the process, they’re a physical embodiment of the feelings you wish to convey, be they congratulations, commiserations or just that someone’s in your thoughts – and they’re also something tangible which can be kept and treasured for years afterwards.

Fortunately, modern technology has advanced to the point where it is now possible to send someone a photo card which features exactly the image you want, and which will be a one off, unique design. This is possible thanks to the advent of digital technology and the flexibility which this method of capturing imagery allows. No matter what the occasion, it is now possible to go through your own photographs and choose one which suits it precisely, have that uploaded and then printed onto a card with text of your choice added afterwards. The finished card will be produced to a standard which is at least a match for those you can purchase on the high street, both in terms of the materials used and the quality of the printing and workmanship applied.

The possibilities are as limitless as the imaginations of the people utilising the process – for example, you might wish to mark a good friends 40th birthday with a card which features the birthday boy as a smiling, cherubic baby in their original birthday suit, or maybe somebody’s silver wedding anniversary could be celebrated with a card which shows a candid shot of the happy couple strolling along, hand in hand, enjoying each other’s company still after all these years.

The possibilities for photo cards are limited only by the imagination of those choosing and printing them, and that’s why they’re a means of making and sending a greeting card which is utterly perfect no matter who the recipient, and no matter what the occasion.

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