With the increase of life and work pressure, male health problems are increasing day by day, many male friends are facing a variety of physical diseases, and among them, the most difficult for them to talk about is the pain and discomfort in the private region.

Pain in private part can be caused by many problems, mainly inflammation in the urogenital system. For example, male friend often bothered by seminal vesiculitis.

Seminal vesiculitis is a common disease in men. The occurrence of seminal vesiculitis can affect the man's life and work. Physiologically, seminal vesicle and prostate gland are closely associated with each other. The source of infection, clinical symptoms and diagnostic methods of them are very analogous. Namely, these two organs are like siblings in predicament.

Both prostate gland and seminal vesicle gland are accessory gonads in male reproductive system. Their secretions constitute the main part of seminal plasma. As a matter of fact, seminal vesicle and prostate are adjacent in the body. The ejaculatory tube connected to the seminal vesicle passes through the prostate gland and gets into the urethra, from which semen is released during sexual intercourse.

In truth, seminal vesicle and prostate are also closely related. The inflammations of both are caused by the same infection and etiology, and the clinical performance of them are also roughly similar. Since both the prostate and seminal vesicle are open in the posterior urethra, then usually - and prostatitis can occur at the same time.

Prostatitis through the discharge of inflammatory prostatic fluid can enter the seminal vesicle, leading to seminal vesiculitis. In return, seminal vesiculitis can also easily invade the prostate and affect the prostatic fluid excretion. Studies of health center point out that 80% of patients with prostatitis have seminal vesiculitis to some extent.

On ground of the close relationship in the anatomical and physiological functions between the prostate gland and the seminal vesicle, the infective pathway and clinical symptoms in the inflammatory stage are basically the same, so the clinical treatment principles are similar as well.

With the popularization of traditional Chinese medicine, also known as TCM, more and more male friends tend to seek herbal medicine to treat their symptoms. Traditional Chinese medicine has a very long history. With the wisdom and exploration of people, TCM has formed a very systematic theory and treatment strategy in the treatment of male diseases.

As for the treatment of seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis, there are many available treatment options for male friends. While nowadays, there is a more sufficiently effective method on the market, namely Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. The strong anti-inflammatory ability of the pill can make sure that male urogenital system will be healthier after long-term medication.

Also, during your treatment, you should always attach importance to personal hygiene. Frequently taking bath and wash the clothes are necessary and helpful. To better get cured, you should also enhance the physical exercise, to improve the body resistance. If you have any other questions or problems, consulting the doctor in time is needed, and do not blindly take drugs in any time.

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