An apartment is one of the part of a big building. If it is own, it is called condo. It it is rent, it is an apartment.when think about apartment it is a commonly residential unit which inside a building. It is simply a independent living space within a building.

Most contractors often built bare-shell apartments and give it over to its occupants. The client, depending on their requirements and budget, either they find to start dwelling in these or give it to rent to potential tenants. Consequently, new residential destinations, usually have a ready-to-move residential flats, for those who searching for rental accommodation. Depending on the basic amenities available, The apartments usually categorized as semi-furnished or furnished or fully furnished.

Semi-furnished apartment

Semi furnished apartments very similar to bare-shell apartments, with minimal basic facilities such as lights and fans etc. But these semi furnished apartments does not have a shelf or cabinets in all its rooms.

A furnished apartment

A furnished apartments is a confusing terms. This is not a clear-cut term and does not bind an landowner to give the exact number of facilities to his tenant. A furnished apartment will have modular kitchen, cabinets and shelves, lights, fans etc. If you are finding for something more, you can negotiate with your landowner.

Fully-furnished apartment

A fully-furnished apartment, includes the facilities like water heaters and air-conditioning etc. if the fully furnished apartment is a serviced apartment, It will be same as hotel, with the help of a facility management team. A fully furnished apartment will have lot of amenities in the buildings – the kitchen will stocked with regular kitchen appliances and grocery items including a fridge and oven etc.

In india the landowners is to provide furnished apartment. Only fully furnished apartments provide all the kind of services.

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