Selling to C-Level and C-Suite Executives will go much faster and easier if you follow this simple nugget. C-Level and C-Suite Executives really value solutions that protect or enhance their careers. What make them look good? What helps them with their jobs? What solves their problems? What helps them keep their jobs, and what gets them promoted? They don't care about the lowest price, or competitive features.

Selling to C-Level and C-Suite Executives requires asking, listening and learning what it will take to maximize their chances of success and/or minimize their chances of failure—as each C-Level exec sees it.

The only person to ask and be sure is this C-Suite Executive himself. You can’t presume to know because if you miss by a little, you’ll lose your credibility forever. Subordinates can’t tell you because they really don’t know. They like you can only take an educated guess. Besides how often does a C-Level Executive discuss his or her worries and/or desires with a subordinate? Most importantly, if the C-Level and Executive doesn’t tell you directly, how will s/he fell you know and understand?

Once you’ve learned what the C-Level Executive wants, confirm it back to him or her to show you know what it is s/he values. This little confirmation has magical power. It will boost your credibility and the C-Suite exec will be willing to listen to you. Then it will be up to you to demonstrate you can deliver the desires and solutions - better than any other means of getting it. Don’t worry, if you don't know how to demonstrate it, s/he’ll tell you how – if you ask.

Once you deliver his desired results, you’ll have show you have his back, which is the beginnings of a solid relationship with him. Provide for him what he’s told you it will take for him to succeed, and you will win his power and influence to sell his company more and more. Talk about and/or provide what you think he should want and you're going to fail selling to the C-Suite.

Test Question (True/False): Selling to C-Suite Executives involves helping them look good to their bosses.


“Interview the executives regularly to track their business pulse and your status. Why, because your competition is continuously hammering away trying to find an in. The one who provides the C-Level executive what he says he wants, has his back and makes selling to the C-Suite easier.”

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