Prior to present times Lake Hopatcong was the vacation landing-place of those of independent means and those in the know, a magnet for many of the "rich and famous" of the day. Lake Hopatcong was home two hundred boarding houses and 75 hotels, a top-notch nine-hole golf course, the Lake Hopatcong Country Club, Bertrand Island Amusement Park, weekly regattas and other aquatic developments. This great summer destination was alive with numberless summer cottages. If you are looking to buy, see Lake Hopatcong homes for sale to contact a top-flight agent.

At present the lake consists mainly of year-round residents living in 2 counties and 4 towns and real estate promises are much in demand. Even though much has changed Lake Hopatcong remains today a one-of-the-kind and special recreational and environmental treasure. If you need to sell or buy a Lake Hopatcong house it is best to do it the TOP real estate agent going to bat for them ... the best eager beaver for your specific area? Get someone familiar with your selective area and a put to the test producer. Get a Lake Hopatcong real estate top-notch top-draw agent.

The lake continues to be a popular summer and winter resort area with its close vicinity to ski and winter sports areas, sports, boating and fishing activities. Lake Hopatcong is the largest freshwater lake in the state positioned in the mountains of northern New Jersey bordering Morris and Sussex County.

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The lake has 45 miles of shoreline and lies within the borders of four municipalities, Mount Arlington, Jefferson Township, Hopatcong and Roxbury. Not surprisingly, lakefront home continue to demand much higher sales prices than the landlocked ones but are clearly the most desirable.

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