We are faced with uncertain times and many people are fearing the worse about their ability to sell their products and services in his recession. It may not be easy but there are some proven ways that, if you work smart, will guide you in the right direction.

One of the key areas that I have worked with sales teams over the last few years is the ability to develop their 'emotional' skills in selling. No - this is not about removing their own emotions to overcome their fear of rejection. It is about developing the ability to appeal to the emotional needs of the potential buyer - whether they are selling to business or consumers.

When selling in a recession this is more important than ever. Especially if you are selling to consumers. Consumers are proven to be seeking out confidence and escapism. Businesses tend to seek out products and services that they have confidence in and gives them confidence for the future.

Think what this means to you?

How can you inspire confidence and appeal to the desire for escapism with your products and services. In my sales training business I have seen an increase in the number of inquiries from 'stressed' sales people and sale managers. They need things that will give them confidence in themselves, their products and services and they are also looking for confidence in the people they turn to help them through this period.

Beware: If you are a sales manager or a small business owner beware of your staff and your own desire for escapism. The desire for escapism to get away from the stress of the current climate can blind you to what you need to be concentrating on. Focus on the hard reality. Ensure your value proposition is sound, ensure you can develop confidence, be a master of your sales metrics and focus on what you know works. Don't settle for the short term emotional 'hit' that can come from your desire for escapism. Things to watch out for in your team and for you are:

Increasing contact with 'friendly' prospective clients that have no intention of buying
Spending too much time with existing 'friendly' clients who have no requirement for you to add value
Short term activities such as 'tidying the desk', catching up on paperwork, - anything that keeps you away from business generation

Make sure you benefit and do not suffer from the recessionary desire for escapism and confidence. If you want to know what sells in a recession look at my blog or my articles on this site because in part 2 I will give a run down on three key areas proven to sell in times of a recession.

See you then...

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