If you are looking for your next adventure to post to Instagram or a peaceful escape from the mundane, Caves Beach offers you something different to meet your needs and make your friends jealous. Caves Beach sits upon the Swansea peninsula between the Lake Macquarie and the Pacific Ocean in New South Wales, it is part of the City of Lake Macquarie local area. The #CavesBeach hashtag has been used over 18,000 on instagram but still many do not even know of its existence.

Caves beach gets its name because of the large network of caves that are dotted upon its 300 metre coastline. The caves can be explored at low tide on a sunny day, perfect for photos with friends exploring the what the beach and caves have to offer. The beach runs to the north of Hams Beach and has built a name for itself as a family friendly location with well maintained picnic areas and barbeque facilities for visitors to utilize. It’s the perfect place to adventure with friends and family.

The caves are split roughly into two parts, with the easier section being the first half, access to the second is restricted to low tide and the right conditions due to allowing the time for the tide changes. The caves are a refreshing cool alternative to sitting in the sun's rays. Always make sure to follow the local advice centre information before venturing further in the caves, so to stay safe at all times.

The ocean surf around Caves Beach is well renowned as a popular surfing destination for local surfers and international visitors. As if offers the average sea temperatures of 21.7 °C in January with a reliable surf. Autumn and Winter are the best times to surf at Caves Beach as it is surfable at all stages of the tide.

The beach is also incredibly popular for spearfishing, there are a variety of fish that are sought after in the water but none more than the red morwong. There are many videos and blogs about where you can find the best fish and what kinds you should expect in the waters that surround Caves Beach. There are also local fisherman who host sessions that discuss how to catch fish in the safest ways.

One thing you must try is the Caves Beach Walk, there are many guided routes that can be found and a lot of excellent resources online to make sure you don’t miss the good stuff. Don’t miss out on visiting the little Cafe Acquablu and getting appropriate refreshments before starting your journey. This walk requires low tide and calm sea conditions, please seek guidance before embarking on the walk.

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