These days it seems like there’s no time for anything. The hectic pace most Americans keep make it difficult to add anything into our schedules and this includes meditation and wellness exercises or classes. We must try to find time during the odd hours of our day, and it’s not always easy. Many have found that using a self help song or self help download is the only way they can get any peace, meditation and relaxation into their day.

Dan Millman is the author of thirteen books. Probably best known for his book Way of the Peaceful Warrior, he is also known for his self help song series “Song of the Sage.”
If you’re looking for meditation, relaxation, or healing, you should try this album.

According to the self help music that Millman produces, there are twelve universal laws that we all must follow. If we do, life is more peaceful, and we are happier. Those who fight against these laws find themselves off balance and unhappy. Fortunately, we can choose to accept the laws and find our happiness even after years of fighting and unhappiness.

Each self help song on the download or CD is focused on one certain universal law. Dan Millman explains these laws to the music of Asoma. There is a very new age, spiritual feel to the music that serves to relax you and help you to focus on the message. Themes such as balance, choices, presence, compassion, faith, and expectation are examples of the laws that Millman promotes in his self help download.

Self help music and literature is very popular these days and because of this, there are many out there who will try to sell you some fake version of the real thing. Dan Millman’s self help song is no imitation. The rave reviews from people who have enjoyed this product will tell you that much. His ideas and system really do work for people.

Meditation does not come easily to all. We’re really not sure what to think about, how to concentrate, or how to get the most out of the time we have to commit. Using Millman’s self help music, we have a focus, and can learn lessons that will help us not only during our meditation, but can also have a lasting effect allowing us to cope better with stress throughout our days and our lives.

If you’re still not sure if the Song of the Sage is right for you, check out their website. Give it a try and see what you think.
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Asoma is a "GREEN" composer/producer, that is, generates power for its music production using solar. Check out for free relaxation music plus their latest, "Song of the Sage."