It isn’t always easy to accept who or what we are. We all like to imagine ourselves through the lens of an ideal type rather than picturing our flaws and weaknesses. Of course, the truth is, people, including you, are not perfect. Being human means we make mistakes, period! Rather than dwelling on your errors of judgement, you need to become proactive in learning from mistakes. Like all animals, human beings learn through a process of trial and error. To get hung up on making a mistake is to be hung up on being a human being.
So, the first step to self acceptance is to accept that you are fallible along with everyone else. Incorporating self accepting beliefs into your life can make a real difference to your lifestyle. You become encouraged to correct past mistakes or previous shortcomings on the principle that mistakes happen but can be rectified. Self acceptance grants you a margin of error. When problems occur, you can experience appropriate and proportionate negative emotions and then move on. It stands to reason that you are far more likely to solve a problem if you are not suffering emotional distress.
Everything from your skills through to your little flaws is what makes you. Although you should be serious about being the best you can be do not take this to mean you have to take yourself too seriously, for this is not constructive for good mental health.
Much of what makes people endearing are their little foibles, idiosyncrasies that mark them out as special. When we witness these things in other people we find them endearing so give yourself the benefit of the doubt, after all, no one is perfect, right?
Don’t fall into the trap of giving up on trying anything new just because one new thing you tried did not work.
The most interesting people tend to have encountered a few hurdles to overcome in their life time; it is what gives them character. If you can view all of your failures and successes as essential to your character, then you are a far sturdier, resilient individual.
You know how the more you practice something the more natural it becomes? Well, practicing a belief is no different. The more you rehearse being self-accepting, the more you laugh at the silly things that you do, the more times you visualise being adaptive, you will become more like that type of person. Rehearsing an event in your mind makes you that much more prepared for dealing with it.

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