Self Responsibility

“It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities.”
Sir Josiah Stamp

Self-responsibility, — a concept by which individuals assume responsibility for their own choosing.
Now when it come to the personal cultivation of you, the responsibility is up to you to accept the training or education you possess is on you. A teacher can only teach it is up to you to learn what the teacher is teaching. They relate to you the information they have on a certain subject, it up to you to comprehend the information for use. By not taking responsibility you see yourself as a victim, believing things around you have more power than the things in you. When you take the responsibility, you take the blame for what going on with you, you don’t take care you take charge. You take charge by taking responsibility for your choices, the things you make happen, for your self-esteem and how you work out problems and many more things that involve you. What we become aware of we can responsibly change. As Anthony de Mello said,

"What you are aware of you are in control of; what you are not aware of is in control of you."

Self responsibility is a commitment to one’s self as well as those around you. You choose to keep cultivating you for the very best you. By doing so, you reveal the hidden treasures of the earth that was locked inside of you. Only by taking responsibility for you could it be revealed. As Jim Rohn says, “Other people don’t have lot planned for you.” They want to use you for what you have learned to do. So if you don’t make plans for yourself and how you want to live your life to help other, then other have a plan for you but not responsible for you or how to live your life. They will love to use your service to be responsible for their products, but you developing you is up to you. You make you happen. “Don’t hate the player, love the game.”

Self Responsibility

10 Practice Habits

Take charge of what been left in your charge.
Accept overseeing your potential left to you.
Accept the consequences for your action.
Pay attention to during your duties.
Be able to explain your actions.
Explain what you believe.
Be willing to answer for your behaviors.
For getting your part of the task done.
What you expect, you inspect.
The way you choose life.

“I accept what I will manage to do with myself.”

Dr. James Delton Jackson

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Welcome to the place were we “Working on the “me” to be.” The Self Leadership and Self Management Workshop is about 10 principles foundation we use in our system of beceiving. These 10 principles are the keys to helping us help ourselves. As Robert Terwilliger said
Committing yourself is a
way of finding out who you are.
A man finds his identity by identifying.

How you see yourself in your own eyes is a start to making the changes you want for in your own life. If you don’t see yourself as needing any improvement or if you are comfortable with whom you are, then you don’t make any efforts to change.
This workshop is about seeking to develop your personal excellent in developing you. You will be focus on applying these 10 foundational principles to yourselves to develop the purposeful you. This program will be using proven principles from people from the past as well as present day principles users. “When you develop what in you, you can develop the things around you.”
We know that you will find this workshop beneficial to helping you develop you. As an old proverb says, “You can only get out of the pot, what you put in.”
So, do what you need to do, “So I can see you with your dream.” Go Beceive It,
Dr. James Delton Jackson