In today’s world, people are often so caught up in their day-to-day lives that they don’t have time to think about their life. As a result of this, it can set them up to go in a direction that doesn’t match up with their true needs.

Along with this, their relationships can reflect who they were as opposed to who they are, and they may even have people in their life who undermine them. Even so, if one keeps their head down, so to speak, they are not going to do anything about what is happening.


Having said that, this is not to say that this is not to say that there won’t be moments when they end up feeling fed up. When this happens, they could wonder why their life is the way it is, and they may even feel like a victim.

But this pain could soon disappear and one could then end up carrying on with their life. And the reason it could disappear is because one may engage in some kind of escape, and this means that they will disconnect from how they feel.


Through taking this approach, it can mean that they won’t have to experience too much pain, and this can be seen as a ‘good’ thing. The downside to this is that one is unlikely to be in touch with their true needs.

So no matter how much pain this allows them to avoid, their life is likely to continue to get worse. It is going to be a case of short-term gain long-term pain, and it will only be a matter of time before what they have denied starts to come to the surface.

External Feedback

There is always the chance that one will have people around them who encourage them to take a step back. Yet even if this was to occur, one could say that they are ‘too busy’, or they could simply overlook what they say.

It is then not going to have an effect on them and one may as well be surrounded by people who are the same. In fact, there is a strong chance that one will have plenty of people around them who are also running away from themselves.

Different Factors

One way of looking at this would be to say that the reason one would experience life in this way is because they are likely to live in an extroverted society. It is then generally going to be about what is taking place externally and what is taking place internally can then be overlooked.

Their time in the education system may have revolved around paying attention to what other people had to say. Therefore, if one does have the ability to take a step back, it can be due to what took place when they were not at school.


In this case, it can be a sign one is more introverted, and looking at what is taking place within them can then be a normal part of their life. Perhaps one spent a lot of time by themselves as a child, or they may have just been born this way, for instance.

As an adult, they might spend a lot of time each day thinking about how each part of their life is going. Along with this, there could be certain encounters that they have that make them step back from what is taking place around them.


Through being this way, it will give them the opportunity to see if they need to make any changes. This is not to say that one will end up criticising themselves for what they did or didn’t do, as this is not going to be the reason they do it.

It will be similar to one having a house built and then flying over it in a helicopter, and how this will give them the chance to see if everything is going to plan. If it is, the builders can carry on as they are, and if it isn’t, they will need to change course.


Ultimately, what they learn through doing this will assist the people who are doing the work, and this will be a lot better than to simply ignore what is taking place. Now, this is not to say that this will stop the builders from making mistakes; what it will do is them to a minimum.

In the same way, when one reflects on their own life it will be easier for them to realise when they are going off-track, or to see if they are behaving as they would like to. And once they have done this, they will be able to take the appropriate action.

Round in Circles

However, while one can look over what has taken place and learn from it, they can also end up getting caught up in it. When this happens, this can be another way for one to punish themselves.

It could then be said that this will go from being a conscious process to being an unconscious process. One is then no longer reflecting on what has taken place; they are completely consumed by it.


This can then set one to feel depressed, and they could end up believing that their life is far worse than it actually is. Their well-being is then going to be effected and it could be a challenge for them to take action.

And while this could be something that takes place from time to time, it could also be a way of life. It could then be said that that it will be in one’s best interest to gain control of their mind as opposed to their mind controlling them.


This might be a simple as one becoming aware of when their mind wonders and then bringing themselves back into the present moment, or they may need to reach out for external support. Through working with a therapist, for instance, it may give allow them to understand themselves better and to develop their mental and emotional strength.

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