What does this mean? A definition of self love is a love that is self-centered. Not in a sense where a person does not care about anyone’s well being but their own, not a me, me, me. A Love where you unconditionally Love and care for yourself. You no longer have the need or seek for outside approval. You Love and accept yourself for who you are in this very moment regardless of anything outside of you. You no longer fish for compliments or judge yourself. For that matter you no longer judge others for in judging another you are in fact judging yourself. You Love and cherish yourself even when you may not feel it from others, even when you are not fully seeing the real you.

When you come to this place of self Love and acceptance you are able to Love and appreciate others for who they truly ARE. You will no longer see them as sick or bad. You will realize that all are creating their lives and functioning at the level that they are capable at and see it all as perfect. You will empathize with them but not get down in the depths of despair along side. There will be no more better than or less than games. If someone says something that you don’t like you will no longer take it to heart.

You will just be able to say no thank you in a loving and compassionate way. When you want to be with your spouse or significant other and they don’t want to you will not allow it to effect you in any way. You will simply be able to move on with your day or evening and go forward in your Joy. Knowing and feeling how deeply Loved and truly cherished you are. There appears to be so much going on in this world right now and there are times when you may just feel so overwhelmed and wonder if it is ever going to get any better. Am I ever going to feel that Joy and Peace? We do have a choice, we are the ones that get to choose to live in and create that Peace and Joy, to be able to experience it. At times it may not seem like we have a choice, that life just keeps serving it up to us. In this there is a gift, a new knowing behind all the old beliefs. The old thoughts telling you that you are not good enough or you are not worthy. It is up to us to remember the truth of who we truly are and the truth behind the stories and beliefs that we held onto so strongly. In our remembering and uncovering of these nuggets of truth, it frees us and others and also Empowers them to do the same. We are all one and we are all whole in this very moment. It is our divine right destiny to know and remember this. To live the life of Joy, Bliss, Peace and Freedom the life we are meant to live!! The greatest gift of Love that we can give to ourselves and the world is inner peace. This can only be found from within and once discovered will change the world for the highest and best of all!

Author's Bio: 

I am a wife of 20 years, and a mom of 4 children ranging in ages 20-15. I am enjoying this spiritual journey! I love inspiring things, spirituality, natural healing, reading, writing, books, music, and movies!! I LOVE being inspired! I enjoy talking and listening to people and hearing their stories. I have gone through some amazing changes over the past 2 years. I am grateful for them and all of my life experiences!