Do you want to improve yourself? You should read self-improvement books or attend seminars on self-improvement. There are many sources of self-help guides to overcome the forces of negative emotions that make you not to be a happy person. Here is a self-improvement guide that will help you in one way or the other as far as improving yourself is concerned.

Attending business meetings, shopping, working, studying and so on are some of the things that individuals have to do. At times, we find out too late that the waiting list has tasks that should be done immediately. Sometimes we never figure this out at all and so we are left to wonder why we forgot to do them.

People need to understand that time means more than just money (time is money). Time first of all means life. This is why we are obligated not to give into stressful situations; we need to instead live a joyful life. We should not forget that poor time management can lead to stress.

However, the onus is on us to manage time properly. The first step that you should take is to examine those things that consume your time in a way that is unproductive. Usually these can fall into two categories:

First, the factors which are external such as extremely long phone calls, unplanned phone calls, surprise visits, personnel who are poorly trained, having an open-door policy, too many meetings, friends or other people interrupting etc.

Secondly, the factors which are internal. They're within one's self-control. They include being disorganized, too much multitasking at the same time, being late, not able to say no, lacking the ability to make decisions quickly etc.

Now that you have read the information above, you're most likely to remember the situations that make you not to manage your time in a way that is productive. All you need to do now is discover a way that you'll use to overcome such situations and you'll be in charge of your time.

Three Possible Ways Are:

1.) Get in the habit of writing down everything. This is very useful in helping you to remember the things that you're supposed to do. You may otherwise forget to attend important meetings, make certain important phone calls or answer some messages you had promised to.

2.) Make a priority list. This takes a small amount of time and you could even write it while taking breakfast. Jot down anything you should do in any particular day.

3.) Learn how to just say the word no. We make the mistake many times of putting other people's problems ahead of our own problems. While this is noble, at times helping someone to do some tasks makes us stressed and frustrated as we discover we missed to do something important.

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