Self improvement, according to the erroneous impression of some people even in high places, is nothing but an academic exercise propounded by the egg heads in the ivory tower and far from being the catalyst for a life more abundant. To what extent that is correct is not the focus of this piece of writing but how it impacts so much on the social, economic and environmental life of any right thinking person in this side of the great terrestrial divide.

According to the Bible, the great Holy Book, we are made to understand that at the beginning of the entire creation process, the entire world itself was formless and void until God, the Supreme Being started to initiate the infrastructures on a gradual basis – a process that last Him six whole days at the end of which he took the well deserved rest on the seventh day. This is the more reason why the universe itself, as from that time, develops at different paces, time and space.

It was Williams Shakespeare, English poet and dramatist that is still regarded up till today as one of the greatest English writers (1564-1616) that said in one of his works that the world is a stage where there are entrances and exits. This can be likened to the life of a human being him or herself from conception in the womb of a woman to delivery from where the uterine product, the baby grows in stages from infancy to adulthood.

There is no gainsaying the fact that no matter how one looks at it, self improvement, is nothing but the catalyst of life because it is the foundation laid right from the dawn of one’s existence that normally forms the inevitable bed rock of a human being. The reason cannot, therefore, be farfetched while a solid foundation has to be well laid for any child in order to make him a responsible citizen of the world as he or she grows up to contribute the need quota to human development either in the immediate or remote environment.

Whichever way one looks at, the most important factor in self development is education and that is the reason why much attention must be paid to this fundamental phenomenon by all the stake holders of the child’s vital existence: the parents, the teachers and the government and any society that toys with it, normally has itself to blame in the final analysis.

The issue here still boils down to the fact that the education of every citizen to the limit of his or her ability is a fundamental right while to treat it as a privilege is deprivation as well as an assault to human dignity. The victim in the end, no doubt, is the society which suffers a serious handicap in its march to economic plenitude, freedom, stability and social justice so this is the noble role that self improvement in terms of education plays as a catalyst for a better life.

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