When it comes to a car, for instance, there is only going to be such much that it can do. So, how fast it can go or where it can be driven will all depend on what type of car it is.

If someone wanted to change how fast a car can go or where it can go, it would need to undergo a number of changes. When it comes to a human being, on the other hand, what someone can do is often going to be defined by what is going on internally.

The Power of Belief

What is going on here is going to have a significant effect on how they experience life. However, while this is the case, it can be easy for someone to behave as though their life is fixed.

Therefore, in the same way that a car can only do certain things, it will be as if they are in the same boat. No matter what their life is like, this will just be how it is and there will be nothing that they can do.

A Mental Construction

But, while it may seem as though their life is just the way it is and there is nothing they can do, it will be this way for a reason. What they believe about themselves is likely to define how they experience life.

And the reason why they are unable to see this is likely to be due the fact that they are too attached to the identity that they have created. This is not to say that they consciously created this identity, though.

The Truth

Without realising it, the identity they have created is going to be what is driving their life. If they were able to take a step back and to take a look at the identity they have constructed over the years, this would become clear.

But until this takes place, it will seem as though they are just observing life and that what is going on within them is not having an effect. Then again, they might even be aware of their inner world.

A Bleak Existence

With very little control over their life, they might believe that they need to rely on luck to experience life differently. If they come across people who are doing well, it may seem as though they have something that they themselves don’t have.

It is not going to be much of a surprise for someone like this to spend a lot of time feeling like a victim. There will always be someone – or something – that is going to try to hold them back in some way.


In order for their life to gradually change, it will be essential for them to develop the ability to observe themselves. This will allow them to see that they have constructed an idea about who they are, and, this idea will be what defines how they behave, how they interpret what takes place in their life and what they believe that they can achieve, amongst other things.

When they are able to detach from the identity that they have created, they will be able to see that this is not fixed. And, if it is not fixed, it means that they can create an identity that will allow them to live a fulfilling life.

​Constant Reinforcement

One of the reasons why the identity that they have created will seem more real than any other identity that they could create is due to the amount of support it has received over the years. The experiences they have had in their-day-to-day life will have helped to keep it in place.

It will be very similar to how a statue or a house starts off as an idea before it ends up being turned into something physical. Along with what has taken place externally, there will be what they have done internally to reinforce this identity.

The Main Part

Once they are able to see how they are helping to reinforce this identity, they will be able to start putting their energy into another identity. After their inner world begins to change, they will start to notice a change in their outer world.

But, if their inner world stays the same, it won’t be possible for their outer world to change. The only reason their life has stayed the same for so long is likely to be because their inner world has been the same.

Two Options

One way of looking at this would be for them to imagine that they have a flower out in front of them to the left, and, out in front to them to the right is a weed. If they take care of the flower the weed will due, but, if they take care of the weed, the flower will die.

Likewise, if they only they feed their new identity and starve their old identity, their life will start to blossom. Yet, if they continue to feed who they have been for so many years (if not their while life), their life won’t change.


This shows how import it is for someone to be mindful of what they focus on and to make sure they place their attention on what they want to experience more of. If they do this, this seeds that they plant in their mind will start to develop into strong trees.

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