During my last radio segment on Personal Development, I discussed the importance of self image with the listeners. Why did I choose to discuss self image? I believe that it is one of the most important factors when it comes to determining the quality of your life.

Self image is different to self confidence. Self image is how you see yourself, where as self confidence is how you feel about yourself. Both are important to you. For now, let’s focus on self image!

What I have learnt about self image is that my self image will not only have an effect on my life, it will also affect the lives of people around me.

If your self image serves you in achieving your goals and being inspired, the people around you will look at you in a positive light, and you may be seen as leading by example. On the contrary, if your self image creates blockages in your life, the people around you might question your behaviour, or may be driven away from you.

Life has taught me many lessons, one of them being “I am responsible for my life and my results!”.

Hence, my self image is my responsibility. The way that I choose to see myself comes purely at my discretion, regardless of how others choose to see me. Often, we are given constructive feedback, which may put a dint in our self image. That is a great opportunity to build an even stronger self image. Please think back at a time when someone told you something which did not compliment what you wanted to see yourself as. How did you feel at the time? What did you tell yourself at the time?

How others see you is up to them. Their view of you will not affect your ability to achieve your goals.

How you see yourself is up to you. Your view of you will affect your ability to achieve your goals, and live a life of fulfilment and purpose.

When someone tells you that you will not become what you want to become or that you will not achieve a particular goal, respect their opinion, and do not take their counsel. From my experience, I have found that these people have little idea of the potential that we hold inside ourselves.

If I were to share a personal story with you, I was once told that I will not be able to become a professional speaker due to many reasons. At that point, I quickly asked myself “What do I need to do to become a professional speaker?” The answers came to me, and I took action. I started to see myself as a professional speaker. Hence, my self image told me that I am a professional speaker!

With all my Executive Coaching clients, I ask them a simple question “What do you see yourself as?” Too often, CEO’s or Managing Directors would reply “I see myself as a leader”. Now, that is the image that a CEO or Managing Director needs to have, in order to be an effective leader!

Two years ago, a Life Coaching client of mine told me about the problems that she was having in her life. Her goal was to be happy. In our very first session, I asked her the same question that I ask my Executive Coaching clients. Her response was “I see myself as a sad person.”

Do you think that her self image would have been complimentary to her goal of being happy in life? Cleary not!

So, how can you improve your self image? Step number one is to see yourself as being what you want to be! Put yourself in that space where you already have achieved your goal (regardless of where you stand in life at this point).

Once you have done that, constantly remind yourself of your new found self image. Be emphatic in telling yourself that you see yourself as what you want to be!

Then take action in moving towards becoming what your self image tells you.

Your self image is here to serve you, and the people around you! So, constantly work on your self image, and lead by example!

After reading this newsletter, please ask yourself the following questions:
• What do I see myself as?
• How can I improve my self image?
• How will it serve me and others around me if I improved my self image?

I hope that I have given you some insights into developing a self image which serves you now, and in the future.

To your goals and beyond,
Ronny K. Prasad

Author's Bio: 

Ronny K. Prasad is a Life Coach/Executive Coach, Speaker, Author who is based in Melbourne, Australia. His up-coming book 'WELCOME TO YOUR LIFE - simple insights for your inspiration and empowerment' is being released on June 7, 2011. To find out more, please go to www.impetussuccess.com.au