Today, I will be addressing some issues on stress and giving you some self help tips to handle it. Stress is a subtle enemy if you do not manage it well. Stress has been linked to many illnesses. Here are some ways you can beat stress.

Firstly, it is good to write down your tasks on a piece of paper. This helps you organize your tasks better. In fact, I would also suggest that you prioritize your tasks by rank of importance or urgency. It is also good to plan certain milestones in your schedule, and aim to hit those milestones by a certain time. However, do remember to give yourself a reasonable amount of time to accomplish them. The purpose of breaking down a huge task into smaller bite-sized portions is so that the entire task does not look as overwhelming, and it also gives you a clearer direction for you to steer towards. Take the entire task one step at a time. That is the best way to start a task. You may even find yourself getting clarity of mind while you are at it.

Let us move on to more self help tips for managing stress. Obviously, even while you are doing the bite-sized portions of the task, you will still have to manage your stress levels. I would like to suggest giving yoga a try. Yoga has been scientifically proven to give a person clarity of mind and help him or her accomplish tasks with more focus and accuracy. You could even say that it helps calm a person down. When your mind is at ease and when you are able to think better, you will in turn feel happier and less tense, which can in turn have a beneficial effect on your overall health. In fact, with the help of yoga, you can even look younger than your age.

To end of the self help tips, I would like to encourage you to have a proper work-life balance. After you knock off from work, it is best to stop thinking about work for a change. There should be a proper balance between your career and pleasure. Think about the costs for not achieving the right balance. You could end up fatigued, deprived of social engagements and eventually full of stress.

I hope you have learnt something new from these self help tips for handling stress. Do remember these points that I have mentioned today.

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