Daily meditation. And exercise by peter rose FSI

NB It has taken several years to evolve this sequence of actions and during this time my physical fitness and strength has also evolved. I am now 70 years old and still find I can improve slightly in my daily routine.
Any and every person who attempts all or any part of this sequence does so entirely and completely of their own volition and at their own risk.
The evolutions have not stopped, the descriptions are of the point they have reached at the time of writing.
When asked what I meditate on I am reminded of the joke first rule of Zen, if some one can explain it to you; they are wrong.
But I am going to make an effort to describe the way I start every day.
My meditation is in three parts, first there is the clearing of the air ways. This involves blowing of the nose as hard as possible, one nostril at a time, then 3 cycles of deep breath. Breathe in as much as possible expanding the rib cage, then exhale as completely as you can use your elbows the squeeze in the trunk and compress the lungs as much as possible. Remove all the stale air locked in “corners” of the lungs.
The second part is the try and move your own energy –Chi—Qi—around your body; kneel with your bum on your heels and your back up straight, place the hands loosely on your thighs; relax your shoulders and neck. Place your tongue so it connects with the roof of your mouth. Concentrate on your hara “feel” energy there and guide it up the sternum trough the tongue over the head and down the spine and back into the hara. Then bring three “lines” of energy up so one follows the path you have just done the other two are either side of this one these two outer “lines” go over the head and down the spine so the centre one is on the governing vessel meridian the outer two on the bladder meridian when they reach the base of the coccyx the centre one goes back to the hara while the outer two go down the inside of the leg to spleen 6 then across the sole of the foot via Kidney one to the outer edge of the little toe they then run back to the hara alone the outer most edge of the legs and thighs. Take the three lines of energy again the centre one as before but this time bring your hands and arms up to form a circle with longest fingers touching each other in front of you. The arms form most of this circle and your body the opposite part to the fingers. Bring the energy up the centre as before but the outer two lines go across to the armpits down the arms and cross over at the touching fingers they then proceed back along the outside of the arms and down the back, once they reach the base of the coccyx they follow the path down and up the legs as before.
Bring the arms back to the original starting position relax. Raise the arms straight up above your head and open the fingers feel the energy rise up from the hara all over the front surface of your body up to the finger tips and back down the backs of the arms down the back of the trunk the back of the legs across the soles of your feet and the back up the top of the feet the front of the legs and thighs back to the hara.
Relax and then swell the energy in your hara feel it expand and flow all around your body, direct it to any area where you have pain, discomfort or illness.
You are now ready for stage 3
This third part needs you to be still quiet and relaxed. Empty your mind and relax. Still the monkey mind of intellect, allow your mind to rest completely. Any thought at all (even -“I am empty of thoughts this is good etc.”) must be let go of, let them slide away have NOTHING at all in your mind. Stillness. Emptiness. Nothing. This takes more practice than you may expect but it is worth doing as even when you are asleep the subconscious mind is working. In this meditation you have no focus the only part of the brain that is doing anything is that part that keeps the automatic life support going- breathing heart pumping etc.- it is a state of no mind all body. You will be aware of the body, probably pain in the legs etc. from kneeling in this position for so long but as long as you are aware of feeling your body without thinking about the feelings etc. then the monkey is resting. About the only time in a 24 hour period when it is at rest!
After this period you are ready to focus on what ever you wish to attend to, let the first focus be on the good things, blessings, of the previous 24 hours. Even the absence of bad news or new problems is a blessing to be thankful for.
If you find it hard to clear your mind it may be due to your receiving unwanted thought forms from others, To protect yourself from these, on a temporary basis, visualise yourself as being inside a huge egg shell, the outside of this shell is reflecting all thoughts forms back where they came from, you are at peace, breathing easy and sitting comfortably.
Yoga routine—description of the simple, fluid movements. Dynamic yoga—not holding the positions but flowing from one stretch to another- to stretch muscles ease joints and free up meridians of energy, While allowing the mind to centre on the physical body and escape the turmoil of stressful thoughts
These exercise should be done every day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year. When you feel rough, when you feel good, when you feel down and can not be bothered and when you fell ready to take on anything.
Start off standing upright feet about shoulder width apart. Knees straight but not tight or locked. Swivel hips to rotate waist 3 times to left then 3 times to right. Steady yourself then rise up onto your toes. Bend at knees and lower yourself down. Return to upright, lower heels.
Draw in the abdominal muscles and release again, repeat 10 times.
Hands on hips and keeping feet still turn body and then neck to look as far over your left shoulder as you can move eyes to increase this Objective is to apply movement to each vertebrae. Repeat this turning to right. Do both twists a second time.
Come back to upright position looking straight ahead, arms by your side.- feet still in starting position- bend to left sliding hand down the side of the leg try not to bend forward or backward. Repeat for right side then repeat both again.
These stretches not only help keep the spine in flexibility but also give a bit of gentle movement to kidneys and other internal organs.
Back in the upright position swing both arms round in as large a circle as you can do this slowly so not cause a loss of balance. Do both arms together and complete 3 circles. Then do the circles in the opposite direction. It does not matter which way you do first as long as you do both directions. Then spend a few moments rotating shoulders and shoulder blades, try to keep head still and work on tightness and stiff muscles- If you feel sudden sharp pain STOP. Do any movements that feel right to you to release the neck and shoulders from the tension they carry. Keep left harm by your side and raise the left arm up in front of you Bend the elbow and try to touch the point of your right shoulder with left finger tips try to move fingers along the shoulder towards the head and then on to the left shoulder point. Try to keep a light contact between the fingers and the shoulder/neck area. If you can not keep in contact do not worry just get as near as you can without pain. Remember as you do these exercises every day without fail, you will improve your flexibility. Repeat for other side. Shake yourself gently feel the muscles release the tension. Hands on hips- still feet and knees in starting position- bend backwards from the waist, then holding head back and back arched backwards tilt the trunk from the waist forwards. As you do so and this should be done slowly, bend the back forwards moving from the arched backwards to bent forwards position let arms hand loose then extend them till fingers touch the floor- or get as near as you can- remember the knees are NOT locked tight but should be straight bring the finger tips backwards between the legs while still touching the floor or as close as you can get If possible grasp the ankles and VERY GENTLE exert a little pressure to pull yourself further down. Let go of the ankles and try putting flats of hands on the floor. Slowly come back to standing position.
Remember you can add your own variations to these routines. Each of us is a separate individual, with bodies that are not identical, so what is needed is also individual. Do not be afraid to try variations find what suits you. IF sudden sharp or burning pain STOP.
Kneel down, posterior resting on the length of the calf muscles and heels; extend the arms behind you and try to grasp your heels while bending forwards until the forehead touches the floor. Back up to kneeling position then stretch the body full length face down on the floor. Put your hands palm down under the front shoulders, between yourself and the floor. Push up straightening the arms but keep the waist on the floor- this is not a press up more like a sloppy press up the idea is to arch the back backwards in a curve bringing the head back so the neck is part of that curve. Return to the kneeling position forehead on floor and hands grasping the heels posterior resting on the length of the calf muscles and heels. Repeat this sequence. Kneel down but this time with arms straight hands palm down on the floor and trunk of body parallel to the floor head extended so neck also parallel to the floor, thighs and arms should be vertical but the joints are NOT locked rigid, the object is flexibility. Arch the head backwards so top of head raises while abdominal area sinks. Then reverse this; head down back arched upwards. Repeat this several times. The idea is to promote flexibility in the spin in a position of least load, it works well on lower back and also helps shoulder areas. The knees and arms should remain still during this process but you can add a variation of holding the back arched up position then moving whole body forwards a short way allowing movement at shoulders and hips to allow this then back to the “trunk parallel to floor thighs and arms vertical“position.
The next bit is a matter of going as far as you can without pain. Those used to yoga will find this easy but most people will have difficulty for some time but if you go as far as you can without pain, every day, then gradually you will find yourself getting more and more near the positions described.
Kneel down with your knees apart. “sit” your posterior down between your heels and then lower your body backwards until your back and head are on the floor, your posterior still in position between your heels and on the floor. Extend your arms backwards over your head. USE YOUR ELBOWS AND ARMS to take the weight and raise your body back up to the vertical position. Keeping the posterior on the floor bend forwards until the abdomen is resting on the floor in front of the knees ( only place it could reach the floor) extend the arms out in front of you. Return to the kneeling trunk vertical position and repeat this sequence.

Stand up and then sit on the floor bend the knees and bring your feet together soles touching each other bring the heels as close to your body, while staying on the floor, as you can drop the knees outwards allowing the weight of your upper legs to give a GENTLE stretch to the inner thigh and hip joints DO NOT FORCE your knees down wards. For those adept at yoga you can use the half lotus, twice each side, now but if you do not know what this is it is probably bets to simply allow the knees out to “work” for a few moments then lie flat on your back and just rest let all your joints relax and recover.

Exercise routine—a few (very few) physical exercise to strengthen the abdominal wall and upper arms start off with 5 press ups increase over a period of a year to reach 40 consecutive press ups.
Lay flat on back and trail fingers along the floor while do 10 consecutive sit ups reach out and get fingers as far past toes as possible on each one. Slowly lower back down again with fingers trailing on floor. Put hands behind head and curl feet and legs up till knees are folded just above your eyes lower back do this slowly and repeat 10 times
Try 10 consecutive normal sits ups
DO NOT worry if can not do these things just making the attempt will start muscles working.

As a beneficial effect of these routines there is a lifting of the mood and the emotional response.—moods how they are affected. Once a habit has been established and the 15 min routine has become almost automatic they will, even if you don’t feel like doing anything, raise self esteem and lift your mood.
On bad days, when you simple go through the motions and fail to apply real effort, the exercises will still do good and lift you

Am I religious? This depends on what you mean by religious, if you mean do I believe in an omnipotent ethereal force that most humans call God, then yes. If you mean do I Pray to God every day, then yes.
If you mean do I follow the rules and instructions from some organized hierarchical “church” then no.
Your should NOT worship the teacher but follow the teachings, if you believe in them.
This means that Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and others did not want to become objects of worship, they wanted humans to worship God and follow the teachings they brought from their insight into Gods will. They did not want other “lesser” humans to alter, adjust or interpret their teachings, each individual spirit has to learn by its own interpretation. For a person to claim they are a priest and they alone know what the words mean, is arrogance. To claim that if you do not agree with this humans interpretation, then you are a sinner is simply wrong and against the teachings. For any group of people to take lives in the name of God, to claim that they alone can choose the earthly, gross material outcome of the teachings; this is such a base falsehood that all those involved will need many, many incarnations to atone for the bad karma they generate for themselves. Those that lead others into wrongful acts will have more atonement demanded of them than those who carry out the act.
There is a big difference between the teachings of God and the teachings of any church. They may still claim to represent God but how can an earth based human represent an omniscient ethereal entity that the human mind can not possibly comprehend? Even greater is the idea that humans can interpret the will of God. This is totally and completely absurd, yet many churches and religions grow materially rich and exercise earthly power because they keep on telling people they can do it
God laid down the inviolate rules and laws of creation, because these are God given they act in both physical and ethereal worlds, they can not be changed or set aside. By definition they are perfect since God made them. Even God could not set these aside; if he did they could not be perfect and so could not be from God.
It is only by learning, accepting and following these God given laws of creation that human kind can truly find enlightenment and make progress as useful workers in the progress of creation. Only then will human kind play is role in the universe.
Taoism and Buddhism are based on rural concepts such as togetherness with nature, the completeness of existence and (this most difficult for urban people) the concept that power in the universe is a shared thing with humans only having a share of power not complete control
Spirit exists in nature as well as in humans
Things that are worthwhile take effort and persistence.
I have spent the last 10 years or so trying to improve my communication, in my Prayers and with my own spirit; trying to learn how to still the monkey mind, how to shut out unwanted thought forms, how to still the body and the mind , how to let my body absorb healing energy, how to free myself from myself. Trying to distinguish between intuition, the workings of the monkey mind and the intrusion of outside thought forms; is for me at least, a long very slow process with progress being made by the millimetre rather than the mile.
Keeping out unwanted thought forms without blocking those that are homogeneous and harmonious with your objectives, will take many years of work and evolution, but all we can do is keep trying.
Remember the words of the current Deli Lama-“Realize that great love and great achievements involve great risk.”—I would humbly suggest we add; and also requires great effort.
Lao Tzu wrote that the only constant thing in the universe is change. We should all remember that change always has some sort of cost as well as benefit.
Many things are possible but a very few of these are advisable.
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I studied Shiatsu at the East West Centre in London and continued studies with Harold Dull, Waturi Ohashi, Yamomoto etc I also studied massage/ anatomy/ physiology/ acupuncture and homoeopathy with the Association of Natural Medicines. I used my engineering and other studies to look at the effects of magnetism and energies in the human healing process. I have had a wide and varied roll in the recognition of Natural therapies in the UK and a wide range of practitioner expereince. Author of books on the I Ching and Magnet Therapy ( The practical guide to magnet therapy pub Godsfield Press and Magnet healing pub Time Life.). Has made successful TV appearances promoting Shiatsu. Now retired from providing treatments that incorporate Shiatsu, Acupressure, Magnet Therapy, Moxibustion and advice on herbal, flower and homoeopathic remedies. see also web site www.shiatsu-international.com