A divine healing and protection process.
Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Sit in Gyan Mudra. Focus on the tip of your head. You will experience divine sensations. It can be a cold sensation, warm sensation, or tickling sensations.
Just focus on it and feel / visualize a divine white mist, white light is entering from the tip of your head and spreading all over your body. This divine mist light is entering your system — all organs and glands. Balancing the hormones, cleaning and healing each tissue and cells of your body.
It is a powerful and blissful light. Feel that. This light is now radiating out from the body. Cleaning and healing your aura creating a divine shield around your body.
when you completely drenched in this white light say thrice –
I’m open to healing.
I’m receiving healing.
I’m healing.
and affirm that I am completely safe, sealed and protected in this divine mist. Which is around my body for next twenty-four hours.
I’m happy and joyful.
affirm this thrice (3 times). This is a divine healing and protection process. Practice it daily And keep yourself well-hydrated, drink a good amount of water. This creates a lot of healing within you.
Check out our self-healing and protection video: https://youtu.be/nPwXeJTWjes
Love and light.
God bless you
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Author's Bio: 

Dr Pooja Anand Sharma
Psychologist & Alternate Therapist