As part of a series of twelve videos I am doing for a LearnDesk School I attempted to create one using photographs to illustrate my points. To do this I had to re-photograph more than 70 prints into digital format, record the voice and edit using Audacity and try two video production programs to see which was the most compatible with this approach.

The comparatively new Win Movie Maker would allow me to edit the voice track, but it did not permit me to expand the play time for the photographs. The Microsoft Video program let me expand the time on the slides and photographs, but not edit the video. Of the two, the Microsoft program was better, but any errors in the video track could not be cut or corrected.

In the meantime I was fighting off flu-like symptoms causing my voice to fail during the 22-minite recording, my older sister had to be looked after and taken to the emergency room and the program was worked on during trips to the hospital and nursing home. The result was that while the product contained much useful information presented in an interesting fashion, it was not something that I would post as a lesson.

I will redo this lesson with separate title slides for each topic and take the same talking-head approach that I used with the other eleven lessons to deliver the content. Some will find my stumbling efforts humorous, although the video contains useful information for those trying to honestly evaluate their capabilities with the objective of ultimately creating their own jobs or starting new businesses in the U.S.

This LearnDesk series of lessons is based on my acclaimed introductory business book "Make Your Own Job: Anytime, Anywhere, At Any Age" which is available as a softcover, e-book or audiobook worldwide through Amazon and other book distributors worldwide. This book has received a very favorable review from Kirkus and was put on the U.S. Review of Books' Recommended List.

You may view the video on YouTube on the Hovey Smith Channel as Make Your Own Job Anytime, Anywhere, At Any Age Lesson 4.

Author's Bio: 

Wm. Hovey Smith is the author of more than 20 books, producer of over 900 YouTube videos and a strong advocate of Self-Reliance. He is a Professional Exploration Geologist, former Military Engineer Officer, Podcast Radio Host, International Speaker and Outdoorsman. All of these occupations combined with a love of the arts and drama are incorporated in his works on business topics.