“Take a moment to remember how special you are and how lucky the world is to have you in it.” - Author Unknown

Your self-esteem is one of your most important assets. Never be afraid to hold on to your self-worth no matter what situations you may find yourself experiencing. Possessing self-esteem and knowing you are worthy of respect gives you the courage you need to stand up for what is right.

There are many times when your self-worth is limited and even tested. If your values are threatened, take an inventory of what is lacking in your life. What events cause your feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, or unworthiness to exist?

What gives you your inner strengths? Are you confident in most situations? Instead of being confident during stressful situations, or when threatened, are you too timid to stand up for yourself? Lack of confidence and a timid manner causes others to bully you with their aggressive behavior.

Testing your inner strength and confidence gives you a glimpse of what makes you who you are. Another question that may determine how strong your self-esteem is: How many times do you find yourself trying to escape from unpleasant situations? Ignoring the cause of an unpleasant problem, or someone who causes you pain does not make the problem go away. In order to be free of the problem, you must face it and find a solution
Your self-esteem comes from living in a state of quiet confidence. You allow yourself to receive direction from within and from the Source that gives you life. This inner strength comes from knowing yourself. It gives you a choice to create a life that is positive and fulfilling. You are also freed from living in fear of being emotionally, physically, and mentally hurt.

Emotional, physical and mental abuse affects your self-esteem in negative ways. Abuse takes away your power and control. In negative or hurtful situations, the chains of abuse is the cause of your developing low self-esteem. And when the problem persists, you may need to seek outside help.

Low self-esteem and a feeling of low self-worth need not lead to feelings of hopelessness. Building your confidence can be easy. Despite the fact that it seems like a monumental task, especially when experiencing negative behavior from another person, it starts with one little step.

No matter how difficult that first step is, once it's done, you will be on the road to gaining or regaining your confidence. Two first steps may include:

1. Realizing that your self-esteem, self-worth and/or self-respect is a critical part of a your state of mind.

When either one is at risk and needs repair, it affects your competence, your outlook in life, and just about everything in your life. Most women, feel their self-esteem is based on their physical beauty or whether they are lovable. While in a male dominated world, many men seek praise for their achievements and superior masculinity.

Whether you are an adult needing your sense of worth repaired, or a teenager who is in search of your identity, having strong self-esteem is very important.

2. Find out the root cause of your low self-esteem or feelings of low confidence.

What specific situations cause your feelings of low self-esteem and hopelessness? When did you turn over your power or right to control your own life to someone else? Usually, the cause starts from the moment you interact with your spouse, or partner, your family, relatives, friends, even co-workers in a timid or fearful manner. Once you give up your right to be treated as a person with self-respect and dignity, your feelings of low self-esteem are noticeable.

So, once you give up the power to make your own decisions, you then become a target for further abuse. When you learn how to become confident and secure in your power and your right to a better life, you will come to terms with your inner conflicts. Facing your fears head-on, admitting and accepting that you have been hurt, and that you do NOT deserve to be hurt, is so very important.

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