Your absence of self-esteem probably comes from the attitudes of other people towards you. Your parents, brothers and sisters, etc. are all contributors of how your self-esteem is formed during your early years. If you come from a loving and caring family, have lots of friends and you did well at school your self-esteem will most likely be at a great level. On the other hand if you have only encountered negativity throughout your formative years your self-worth is very likely to be very low.

The great thing is, though, you can alter your self-esteem from being negative into being positive. In this article I will give you tips on how you can change your low self-esteem into very positive self-esteem and recreate your personal image.

The amount of Self-esteem you have as an adult, whether it be positive or negative, comes from the mental communications you were given by the important people in your lifetime as you were developing into an adult. Most parents give their children positive messages as they are growing up to give them the knowledge that when they are older they can go out into the big wide world and fend for themselves without their aid.

Though, there are those unfortunate children that only grow up in a negative household and are constantly told they are useless and will not amount to anything. When you have nothing but negatives constantly bombarding you it is inevitable that you will grow up thinking that you are insignificant. Of course, it's not correct, though, all the same you believe it to be true. The lies have been firmly embedded into your psyche to create problems throughout your adult life.

Here are tips for recreating your personal image and eliminating low self-esteem:

Stand back and take a truthful and sensible assessment of yourself in contrast to other people. If you have low self-esteem it is accurate to assume that you see yourself in a negative light, while you see everyone else around you as being confident and intelligent. You must remember the fact is that none of us are flawless and we all make mistakes, even the rich and famous. If the prolific inventor Thomas Edison had not made so many mistakes he could not have made his famous quote, "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

It is important that you get individuals to give you positive criticism, if you believe you have done a great job.

Respect yourself and do not dismiss compliments and acknowledgment. Do not shy away from saying "thanks" when you are flattered.

It is important that you do not let people make you feel worthless. Refuse to allow people to insult and bully you. It is worth remembering that bullies also suffer from low self-esteem and that is why they take it out on you, the nice guy/gal. Always remember that you should treat others as you would like to be treated because no one likes to be ill-treated.

I will leave you with another little quote from a very brave blind lady Helen Keller, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

So go on and start obtaining that self-worth that you know is inside you and bursting to get out!

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Belinda Daly is a certified master practitioner in NLP, Hypnosis and TLT. She has a degree in metaphysics. She currently runs a self help and spiritual development membership site with her brother Dion.

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