Persuasive Language – Convince me
In our everyday conversation, you are always engaged with the persuasion process no matter what you are doing. You will learn to appreciate the importance of the basic techniques of using persuasive language to success. Let’s go through the empowering techniques.

1. The way you put your words bits and pieces together.

If you’re trying to make someone feel more relaxing and comfortable with you, you will want to employ the use of more informal language.

If you’re trying to impress someone, a formal kind of sentence structure will produce the better results for you.

You must identify the person who you are addressing and what they will be seeking for when you are speaking. Be careful too, because this method can also backfire when you aren’t careful with the words that you are using. You will need to become comfortable with what you are saying in order to show that you are confident in what you are trying to tell them.

2. The Art of “Mirroring”

This art involves making use of the mannerisms, facial expressions, hand gestures, and language of the other party you are trying to persuade in order to build a rapport as fast as possible.

3. Using “because” in your speech

Another essential method of persuasive spoken language is to properly use the word “because” in your speech or conversation. Don’t look down on this tiny simple word; it makes a difference by adding it when making a request or conveying a desire.

Just to share an example on how we can apply this technique

Instead of saying “Can I please borrow your car for the weekend? It would really be a big help to me.” It will be more persuasive by saying “Can I please borrow your car for the weekend, because it would really help me out a lot”.

Using “because” helps when it comes to learning how to persuade people as it bring across sub-consciously to the other party a much more convincing signal, and also largely assists to create empathy and therefore acceptance from the people you are trying to persuade.

Persuasion is in reality about what you say and the way you say and interpret it. If you take the effort and time to fully understand your audience as well as what you want to achieve, you will be definitely be successful.

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