Gaining Personal Growth in Learning the Empowering Techniques of Dealing with Difficult People
In our daily life, conflict and disagreements are unavoidable and there are often difficult people out there for you to deal with. Can you still recall when is the last time you deal with a difficult or negative person? Did he or she intentionally say words to hurt you? How is the feeling? Of course, it should be feeling “Thumbs down”, so let’s look at 4 empowering pointers to look at them.

1. Learn to let go

You must always remember that holding grudges against the other person is not beneficial to yourself, it is just like drinking poison and heading to a slow death. This is because if you hold grudges, you will tend to have negative emotions in your inner self and this will create pain in ourself. Don’t be too persistence in the wrong way. Let me share with you a story on “The captive of the monkeys”. The story goes… Once upon a time, there is a village that was being disturbed by monkeys everyday. Upon every visit, the monkeys will always steal their grain and destroying the crops, causing loss for the villagers. So one fine day, the villager came out with a method to capture the monkeys. The idea is to create a huge jar (filled with grains) with the opening just big enough for the monkey hand to reach in. The special part of this jar design is that if the monkey can go in, it can definitely come out, but if the monkey wants to grab the grain, the hand will not be able to come out. Guess what happen? Just one night, all the monkeys are captured because they have hold on to the grain without releasing. If they release their hand, they can escape but they choose not. So the story tells us not to hold on to the wrong perspective, as it will lead you to a dead end. Learn to let go and do not grab on those negative energy.

2. Always look for hidden lesson

When you encountered a nasty person or faced a negative situation, always seek for a lesson to learn from. This will help us overcome negative scenario and also build our personal growth.

3. Avoid heated argument at all cost

Once one is in an angry mode, nothing can get into his ear and there is no way to talk things over in this situation. It is common for one to rebuke when he is provoked, but bear in mind, do not fight back because it will lead to unrecoverable state. Always walk away and talk again once you cool down, it can also give you some time to think through and analyse.

4. Always see the best in the other party

Are you guilty of the following situation? If you do not like the person, whatever he do, say, even he is right, you will always put him down. So it is important to look at the positive aspects of the other party so that you will appreciate them.

Difficult people or situation are not always difficult, it depends on how you look at it. Always focus on the positive side of things and dismiss the negative signal.

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