First of all, Secret of Self Empowerment will like to take this chance to wish all readers a Happy New Year and an empowering fruitful year 2011 ahead. Time flies, a year has passed and have you pondered over what you have achieve over the past one year, are all your goals achieved with the desired result? If not, ask yourself why and analyse before you read on.

How to empower yourself by learning how to set goal?
Setting goals are relatively easy if you know how to execute it. But sad to say, the problem with most people is that they DON’T set goals or they did not execute the plan correctly. In today post, i will share with you some tips and techniques on goal setting. Now, take out a pen and a paper to jot down your goals and the steps to achieve it, do not procrastinate anymore, take massive action now.

1. Goals need to be as specific as possible

You can set a goal just by saying vaguely, “I want to lose weight in this coming year”, instead you need to set a goal with a specified measurable result and a targeted timeline, for example, “I want to lose 8 kg by 6 months”. You will perform best once you have a crystal clear end objective, instead of a imprecise and blurred vision.

2. Break down and prioritize your goals

You might have an awesome big goal which in term means that it also requires a lot of time and effort to achieve it. Try to break out the BIG goal into smaller or modular goals which are more manageable and prioritize them by level of importance. The reason: if you try to handle a big goal in one shot, you tend to fail more and eventually you will give up, in contrast if you have tiny goal, your probability of success is higher and once you succeed, you will feel more motivated to push on.

3. Be flexible

On the journey to achieve your goal, there might be road block, obstructing your path, so be more flexible and find alternative to adapt or adjust. Remember this, things usually don’t go what we wish but we must be able to manage it.

4. Associate with the correct people

You must surround yourself by people that support you in achieving your goals and remove any pessimists, this will create a positive mindset and you will feel more motivated in achieving the goal.

Take action now and wish you all the best in achieving your goals. Stay tuned for more self empowering posts in the coming year 2011.

“Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement” ~ Brian Tracy

Author's Bio: 

“Succeed does not come to you, you have to go to it” Using this philosophy, I decided to create this self help website to push myself to achieve self empowerment and also to motivate all of my friends out there who are reading and staying with me throughout this empowering journey.

More about me…
I am born in the island of Millionaires, guess where? It is Singapore, just a little tiny ret dot in the world but had achieved incredible results in a short 30 years with the highest percentage of millionaires here. Do you want to be a Millionaire? “Of course!” is the reply of most people but how many people can achieve it? You might be telling yourself that all these millionaires are either born with a silver spoon in their month with wealthy parents or just that they are very lucky to be successful. “How lucky they are? How I wish I have what they I have?”

I can tell you here, “You are wrong!” How do you define luck? For me, I will define luck as “LUCK = OPPORTUNITY + ACTION”. So I will always bear this in mind and getting prepared for the opportunity and take massive action when it arises. This will be the mindset of the millionaire.

For me, I might not be a millionaire now, but working progressively towards this goal. “Dream big and take baby steps” is my strategy. My ultimate goal is to achieve personal growth and financial growth. With this strong desire in mind, I am taking action every day to empower myself to change my mindset from a victim to winner one.

Remember this in mind, “You will never FAIL unless you QUIT”.

Do join me in this enriching journey and empower yourself to achieve anything you want in life.