Empower other people to empower yourself
To empower people means to motivate and encourage them

In this world, do you think you can become very successful without the help of the others? Of course not, you definitely need them. There are mainly 3 types of people you will need to fill them with empowerment in order to leverage their skills and capabilities to achieve your goals in a shorter period. They are namely 1) your closest people around you every now and then,2) the people at your workplace, like your colleagues and boss and lastly 3) any other people you will encounter every day, like cashier at the store, supplier and many others.

The first group will be your family, spouse, siblings and friends that you interact the most so it is very important to empower them every day and make them feel good. How? – Take the 3 A’s approach

Appreciation – Always say “thank you” on every occasion as this will shown continuous appreciation in the things they do and this will empower them. The more you thank, the more people will want to do for you.

Acclamation – Don’t be a miser in giving praises. To make people feel happy and important, you must be generous in your praises, do not save on it. Have you try to praise someone before? What did you get? You will usually get praise or approval from them too. If you are kind to people, people will find ways of means to be kind to you too. So be careful, if you are unkind to people, you will sow what you reap too.

Attention – People like attention, you will make them happy if you pay close attention when they talk. This action will make them respect you, because you respect them first.

Master these three A’s will definitely lead you to success in human interaction.

Next group will be people at your workplace, how do we empower them? – 2 Cs

Clarity – In work, people like to know exactly what they are expected to do and the objective, expected results of the tasks being assigned. The clearer picture the person has on this task and its priority, he/she will feel more empowered in the start. On the other hand, if clarity is not there, people will tend to assume and more mistakes will be made, this will cause demotivation.

Consideration – If you are a manager or a boss, do you take time to talk to your employees? If not, you better start now. People like to be cared, so spend some time to ask questions and listen actively and patiently. The more the employees felt that the boss like and respect them, the more empowered they will be. They will feel good and be more committed in their jobs.

How to deal with the last group of people? Simply adapt a positive mental attitude to treat them. For example, whenever you go into a crowded restaurant or any place, try to put on a smile, instead of pulling a long face. This will definitely attract the waiter/waitress to pay special attention to you. Just imagine, if you frown at the other party, do you think they will smile at you?

In summary, people are controlled by their emotion so to empower them is to satisfy their inner self and they will be willing to do anything for you.

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“Succeed does not come to you, you have to go to it” Using this philosophy, I decided to create this self help website to push myself to achieve self empowerment and also to motivate all of my friends out there who are reading and staying with me throughout this empowering journey.

More about me…
I am born in the island of Millionaires, guess where? It is Singapore, just a little tiny ret dot in the world but had achieved incredible results in a short 30 years with the highest percentage of millionaires here. Do you want to be a Millionaire? “Of course!” is the reply of most people but how many people can achieve it? You might be telling yourself that all these millionaires are either born with a silver spoon in their month with wealthy parents or just that they are very lucky to be successful. “How lucky they are? How I wish I have what they I have?”

I can tell you here, “You are wrong!” How do you define luck? For me, I will define luck as “LUCK = OPPORTUNITY + ACTION”. So I will always bear this in mind and getting prepared for the opportunity and take massive action when it arises. This will be the mindset of the millionaire.

For me, I might not be a millionaire now, but working progressively towards this goal. “Dream big and take baby steps” is my strategy. My ultimate goal is to achieve personal growth and financial growth. With this strong desire in mind, I am taking action every day to empower myself to change my mindset from a victim to winner one.

Remember this in mind, “You will never FAIL unless you QUIT”.

Do join me in this enriching journey and empower yourself to achieve anything you want in life.