Have you ever considered what failing to manage your self-doubt is really costing you and the impact that has on your professional and personal life? A lack of confidence can cost you time and money, and the impact is often far reaching. Think about it, how many times have you not followed up with a prospect, failed to reach out to potential joint venture partners, or spent hours doing something in your business that you know you could have completed in half the time? This article will give you some examples of the cost and impact of caving in to your self-doubt, and offer tips on how to manage it.

Very often women, knowingly or unknowingly, hold ourselves back, because we have a fear of being seen. Your business is an expression of who you are, so it might be difficult for you to separate your personal life from your public professional life. You want to feel powerful and in control, but at the same time you fear having all of the attention on you. You worry that you might publicly fail and be criticized. I want you to know that hiding out and playing small does not serve you, or anyone else for that matter. You’re in business to offer your clients and prospects service that no one else can deliver in the exact way that you do, so it’s important that you understand the real cost and impact of letting your self-doubt control you.

Do you often shy away from marketing yourself and your company? The cost of not marketing your services could be a loss of potential business. The impact might be a feeling of frustration and financial stagnation.

Do you often attract difficult or demanding clients who are not ready to invest in themselves with your services? The cost here is not charging what you’re worth, and spending time with clients who don’t appreciate your value. The impact might be a feeling of not being worthy, and working harder than necessary to prove yourself.

When you think about the ways in which self-doubt has been holding you back it raises the level of urgency to address it, doesn’t it? Here are some quick tips for dealing with your self-doubt:

Recognize that your feelings of self-doubt are normal and having them does not make you wrong, bad, or silly. It might help you to remember that the most successful business people in the world all have self-doubt from time to time, so you’re in good company.

Realize that your feelings are not facts, which means they don’t represent reality. Whenever feelings come up that don’t serve me I shift my perspective to focus on more supportive thoughts and beliefs. It takes practice, but you can make this an automatic habit.

Focus on someone else. This is not a license to criticize or judge others. This is your opportunity to be of service to others. The quicker you can take the attention off of yourself the easier it will be to get over your self-doubt.

Take action and walk in the direction of your fear. The best way to deal with a fear is to address it head on. For example, if you fear public speaking sign up for a Toastmasters meeting. You don’t have to give a speech right away, but being in the room with others who are doing the thing you fear will motivate you.

I want the examples of the cost and impact that self-doubt can have on you and your business to inspire you to take steps to manage it. The quick tips in this article are meant to get you started, so that you can confidently get on with growing your business.

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Desiree Stafford is the owner of High Personal Impact, LLC, a coaching and training company serving women entrepreneurs. She is also the creator of the P.E.A.C.E Formula, a 5 step program to empower women in business to skyrocket their confidence and attract their ideal clients with less stress and overwhelm. To learn more and get her weekly newsletter visit http://highpersonalimpact.com