When it comes to someone having an inner voice that is not supportive or nurturing for instance, there is going to be the need for some kind of change to take place. And if one feels practically paralyzed by this voice, then it is only natural that some kind of solution is going to be sought.

This might be something that happens fairly quickly, or it could take a while. And changing ones inner voice from one that is critical and harsh to the opposite of this usually takes a while.

There is also going to be people who need assistance and yet they don’t take it. And it could be available from the people around them or through other sources that are easy to find. As well as people who desperately want help, but although this is the case, they just can’t seem to find it.

So support is there and it is simply rejected, or is it not there and one can end up feeling rejected. The ideal is when one wants to be assisted in life and the help is there for them.

Different Degrees

Self doubt is something that is subjective; one person cannot truly compare their inner doubt with another person. They might try to do this and even gain a sense of perspective when it comes to their own. And while this can make one feel better or even worse for a short time, one is still having their own experience.


For some people this might be so extreme that they can’t find the strength to try anything new, to achieve anything or to push on in life. They are then controlled by their own inner doubt.

And while other people can have an impact on this, even if other people are not critical or malicious, one still sabotages their own growth and success. Outer opposition is not even needed; one has enough opposition within to limit what they achieve.


If one experiences low levels of self doubt or just doubt when it relates to a certain area or areas of their life, then this might not be as much of a problem. Having said that, if one is successful in their career and has extreme self doubt when it comes to relationships; their whole life is going to be affected.

So it then not just a case of if one has extremes self doubt or low self doubt, it can also depend on other factors such as: what areas they have it in and how it impacts their life. As there are plenty of people who are full of doubt and achieve incredible things, just as there are people who are full of doubt and achieve very little.

The Obvious

To be full of self doubt is not going to be too pleasant; one could feel as though they are their own worst enemy and wonder when their inner hell is going to end. In this case, something clearly needs to be done and it is obvious that this is not how one should be experiencing life

Other people are not always supportive or kind and so one doesn’t need to make things worse by being the same way themselves. Ideally, one would be their own best friend and from this place, what is going on externally won’t be as bad.

One Outlook

A natural conclusion could be that all self doubt is bad and therefore needs to be removed or even ‘destroyed’. This can sound logical and the right thing to aim for; to always be certain and confident in life sounds appealing.

And if one is full of self doubt and has suffered for most or even what seems like their whole life, then it is natural to want to go to the other extreme. But as the saying goes, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The Other Side

Because although doubt can cause many problems in someone life, it also have the potential to enhance one’s life. In order for someone to grow and change, they need to be able to embrace new information and new ways of looking at things.

However, if someone is too sure of themselves, it can lead to them blocking out new information and ignoring what others have to say. One then has the ability to see externally with their eyes, but through being so sure of themselves on the inside, they are basically blind.

This means that one could not only be a danger to themselves and their own life, they could also be a danger to so many others on the planet. Self doubt often kicks in when one tries something new and so it is part of ones survival instincts. It would be dangerous to try to drive a car without having the right guidance first; at best, one might damage the car, but at the worst, they could crash it and die.


So if one feels that part of their life or all of their life is on hold through self doubt, then something needs to be done. A certain level of certainty is important for ones psychological health, but to remove it completely would be dangerous.

To deal with extreme self doubt may require the assistance of a therapist, healer or some kind of coach. Or it may be enough for one to read up on certain areas of self development.

Self doubt can keep one’s mind open to new ideas and to new possibilities. Without doubt the mind can become fixed and incapable of taking in anything new or different. So it could be said that the key is to make doubt ones fiend, as opposed to their enemy. To use it for ones benefit, instead of allowing it to create their own downfall.

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