If one wanted to change something about themselves in the past, they may have ended up reading a book, for instance. Nowadays, one can end up going onto a search engine and watching a video.

But if they were to read something, it could relate to what has been written on a blog. What this emphasises is how the internet has had a big effect on what approach people take when they want to move forward in their life.

Visual Creatures

One way of looking at this would be to say that it is now possible for one to learn and for their eyes to be appeased at the same time. Whereas in the past, learning wasn’t such a fulfilling experience for the eyes; it was more about what was going on in one’s brain.

It is then similar to watching TV in black and white in one point in time and watching it in colour at another. As a result of this, learning can be something that can cause one to be more engaged and entertained.

Different Needs

However, just because human beings in general are visual creatures, it doesn’t mean that everyone likes to learn in the same way. On one hand, one might prefer to learn by watching videos.

On the other hand, they may prefer to read books and/or articles in order to learn about something. At the same time, one could be in a position where they would rather listen to someone.

A Deeper Understanding

Based on past experiences, one may find that they are able to gain a better understanding of something by watching videos, or they may find that they need to read books in order for this to take place. If one can relate to the latter, it won’t matter whether they prefer to watch videos or not as it won’t be enough for them.

What can play a part in this is that the videos that are available for free are often short, and this means that it will only allow them to get a surface level understanding of something. Yet if one only needs a few tips, for instance, this is not going to matter.


There is also the option for one to sign up for an online curse, and these videos can give one the understanding they need. This is likely to to mean that one will have to pay, but then this is part of life.

Through paying for what they consume, they can have a greater appreciation for it, and they will be supporting the people who are supplying the information. Without this support, it is going to be a lot harder for these people to make their contribution to the world.

The Information

When one starts to look for the information they need, it might not bother them what someone looks like or how they come across; their only interest could be if someone is able to assist them. Through having this approach, it is going to mean that they are not going to be distracted.

They are going to be focused on what the other person has to offer and this will allow them to stay on track. This doesn’t mean that one would overlook abusive or critical behaviour; what it means is that the image they present is not something they are too concerned about.

A Bit of Both

At the same time, one could find that they need to feel a connection with someone in order to learn from them. Once this is there, it will then be possible for them to listen to what is being said.

This is then similar to one enjoying the first course of a meal and then wanting to eat the second course. Now, there is still the chance that one want enjoy it, just as they might not like what someone has to say after they like how they come across.

A Critical Mind

Through being this way, it can stop them from being taken for a ride, so to speak. They are not going to be willing to accept whatever comes out of someone’s mouth simply because they come across well.

However, even if they don’t feel the need to no longer listen to what is being said, it doesn’t mean they will lose this ability. Just as one is not going to agree with everything a friend or family member says, for example.


Alternatively, one could be drawn in by how someone comes across and it then might not matter what they come out with. The experience they have is then comparable to being attracted to someone and seeing the person as perfect.

The teacher could come across as being extremely happy and upbeat, or as though they live the perfect life, for instance. One can then put them on a pedestal and lose the ability to think clearly.

A Closer Look

When this happens, it can cause one to be taken advantage of, and unless they are able to step back from what is taking place, they won’t be able to do anything about it. For example, if someone comes across as happy and they are giving advice on how to be happy, it would be easy to assume that they have the answers.

Yet what this doesn’t take into account is the fact that this could be part of their personality as opposed to something they have developed. Or if they come across as though they know everything, one can go along with what they say no matter what comes out of their mouth.


This doesn’t mean that everyone out there is out to deceive others; what it comes down to is that appearances can be deceiving. And that it is important for one think critically even if they feel drawn to someone.

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