You are probably aware of the fact that self defence classes for women are vitally important on so many different levels. Today we'll take a look at some of the key reasons why self defence classes are perfect for women who are looking for that competitive edge.

Will I truly be able to protect myself in dangerous situations?

The first thing that comes to mind for many women when they consider self defence classes is that they'll be hurting others or learning how to do some pretty impressive stunts on their male counterparts. The reality is when you are training in disciplines like Aikido you are unlocking much more than just a skill based technique.

Transform your confidence and feel great

When you begin taking your self defence class using say Aikido, you'll find a whole new level of self confidence that comes from learning a disciplined approach to self defence. There is nothing more empowering for any person, male or female, than being in control of your own body and knowing that you are able to better control those situations you believe are 'out of control'.

Consider the incredible fitness benefits of Aikido training

Another powerful reason to consider undertaking some form of defence class is to feel great about your fitness. You'll be having fun learning the new techniques and you won't even realise the immense benefits you'll receive from a fitness point of view. Over the course of a few weeks you'll notice your breathing deeper and are more relaxed when going to bed. People often report sleeping better as a result of undertaking some form of personal training like Aikido.

Stand up for yourself and not be intimidated

Probably the greatest benefit of undertaking a self defence class is the ability to handle yourself in potentially dangerous situations. Real world skills are what you will be learning in the best self defence classes, ensuring you are well prepared for any adverse situations that might occur. You’ll be practising real world situations in a safe and friendly environment enabling you to feel extremely confident in case this was to happen in real life.

How to get the most out of your class

When looking around for a self defence program try and uncover the key reasons and the key objectives of what you are trying to get out of them. It goes without saying that the better you understand what your objectives and goals are, then the better you can achieve them. Don’t hesitate to call the dojo and speak with their friendly staff before committing to any form of training.

Self Defence Classes for women will allow you to feel in control of all situations. What would it mean to you if you knew with absolute confidence that you could handle yourself in difficult situations. Aikido Australia is based in Sydney and has been teaching our trademark ‘Women’s Warrior Course’ and the feedback has been amazing. Please visit to find out more.

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