Many women entrepreneurs have a tendency to give away far too much of themselves in life and in business. Can you relate? Have you ever felt overwhelmed and frustrated with the amount of hours you put into your company, and still feel like you reap little reward or satisfaction? In this article I’m going to share with you some practical self-care tips to help you feel more balanced and productive.

I’m sure you already know that you need to take time out to recharge your batteries. You might feel a bit guilty about it, but it’s not just about you. You cannot effectively serve your clients when you feel burnt out. Deep down you know that you can’t give your best when you don’t feel your best, so it’s important that you make time for yourself. One way to reclaim your balance is to implement a regular self-care program into your daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. Consider this an investment in yourself that you must make to improve your business.

I know you might be thinking, “This all sounds great, but I can’t afford a regular self-care routine.” Whether your reason is about time or money, my response to you is that you can’t afford NOT to have one. I’m going to share a few low cost and FREE self-care ideas that you can easily implement today. My suggestion is to practice some form of self-care practice several times per week.

Low cost self-care ideas:

Work out – You don’t have to join a gym to do this. Spending 20 minutes a day doing Pilates or yoga can do the trick. Getting your body into motion and releasing positive endorphins is what you’re going for here. Endorphins increase your feelings of excitement and happiness, which research shows increases your productivity.

Mediate – Quieting your mind for a few minutes daily can do wonders for your mental and emotional health. There are hundreds of benefits to a consistent meditation practice including: enhanced energy and strength, increased creativity and confidence, clarity of purpose and maintaining perspective. It doesn’t require any special equipment and can be performed anywhere.

Go for a massage – This is a monthly treat that I give myself. There is scientific proof that a good massage does more than just relax your body and mind; it conveys support and compassion. Physiological and psychological changes occur as well. If cost is a factor you can find tons of great deals online, or find a massage school in your area that offers deeply discounted services delivered by practicing students.

Take a day off – You know exactly how refreshed you feel when you take a much needed break from working those long hours in your business. A great treat that you can gift to yourself is to take a day off (a half day works too if you have an urgent deadline coming up). Taking time off is a great way to relax and recharge yourself. I’ve often returned to work feeling much more creative and inspired.

Now, that you have an idea of how to take better care of yourself you’ll want to consider a few things, so that you can implement your self-care plan. Ask yourself the following questions when creating your schedule:

• What activities do I enjoy the most? Your answer will tell you what types of self-care strategies you should include in your plan.
• How often do I feel overwhelmed or burnt out? This will tell you how often you need to schedule your self-care activities.
• How is my business impacted when I’m not feeling my best? Your answer will give you a clear reason why your self-care is important for your productivity, and it will help you commit to a regular self-care practice.

A bonus question would be:
• How many hours do I actually enjoy working in my business on a daily basis? Your answer will help you determine if you need to hire an assistant, expand your team, or look for ways to re-prioritize your day.

As an entrepreneur your company is an expression of you. Consider the impression you give your clients and prospects when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Regularly setting aside “me” time will increase your satisfaction and productivity. You will be able to serve your clients in a more meaningful way, and the rewards from that are priceless.

Author's Bio: 

Desiree Stafford is the creator of the P.E.A.C.E Formula, a step-by-step system to skyrocket your confidence and attract your ideal clients. Her company, High Personal Impact, LLC, empowers women entrepreneurs to feel more confident and self-fulfilled through programs and coaching in personal development and communication.