Being a healer entails a different way of life. A different attitude and different needs require a different kind of self care. The following are 9 basic ways in which a healer can remain a healer for others and keep centered and grounded. Add whatever else works for you, and don’t be afraid to adapt as your needs evolve.

Nutrition – The nutritional needs of healers are more at the forefront than for the general population. Fads and superficial cure-alls have no place in the life of a healer. Whole grains are important in grounding. Listen to your body and respond accordingly.

Exercise – Find some form that works for you, whether it’s walking, swimming, martial art, yoga, dance – whatever. Sensible exercise gets the blood and energy flowing and supports health, which will in turn support your stamina as a healer.

Introspection/Processing – Awareness of self in the daily life of a healer keeps one centered, balanced, and in tune with Spirit. Working through one’s own “stuff” may be uncomfortable at times, but mandatory. Certainly you’ve found out by now that processing one’s own emotions is like peeling layers of an onion: there’s always one more. The less burdened you are, the more you are open to receive blessings. The more you know yourself and take responsibility for yourself, the better you can relate to others. You will develop your compassion and facilitate their healing more effectively. One note of caution: “Too much analysis leads to paralysis.” Stop far short of beating yourself up and/or contemplating the divine navel.
Release – Let go of the day as it passes. Let go of affirmations after the energy has built up. Release troubles to the universe FULLY. Let go and let God.

Solitude – Most healers have a need to be alone from time to time. Personalities vary, of course, so the amount of time will vary as well. Solitude, though, needs to be a part of a healer’s life. Communion with the higher self and with the Divine is what lights the path. Get away when you want and need to. Even if your sense of responsibility tells you that you can’t leave, do it. That’s just your ego self talking. Unless you take the time to really rejuvenate (alone), you won’t be able to take care of anyone else. Put this principle into action. Take the time before the time takes you.

Boundaries – Set and keep healthy boundaries. Many healers are nonjudgmental people who attract all types of other folks. Knowing when to keep a distance and how to keep from being overrun with the energy of others is a continuous process. Take care of yourself. Be diplomatic and speak with temperance, however, sometimes a stronger message is necessary. Ultimately, you are not responsible for other people’s reactions as long as you’ve acted with integrity. Claim and keep your own space.You will also need to cleanse/clear your space, and that will be addressed in another blog shortly.

Recognition – Acknowledge to yourself that you are a healer and keep that frame of mind. You are different and there’s no getting around it.

Ego check – Keep in mind that different is different, not better. It takes all kinds. There are all kinds of people in the world, with all kinds of backgrounds. Additionally, huge varieties of past life histories and soul journeys are thrown together. Respect everyone as you follow your unique path.

Breathing – Last but far from least, breathe fully and deeply. If you don’t have a breathing exercise regimen, start one. This is how your cells rejuvenate on physical and astral levels. Don’t cut corners here! Breathe.
As you continue along your path, you’ll find teachers and other like-minded people. These are also likely to change over time. Keep taking care of yourself to the best of your ability, and you’ll continue to move forward.

Miracles and Blessings,

T. Renee Richardson,

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