Selenium is better than average at a particular arrangement of things. On the off chance that you comprehend what those are and stick to them then you will have the capacity to effectively compose solid, versatile, and viable tests that you and your group can trust.
Selenium is intended to robotize web program association, so contents can consequently play out similar connections that any client can perform physically. Selenium can play out any kind of computerized connection, yet was initially proposed and is fundamentally utilized for robotized web application testing.
Selenium Architecture:-
Selenium has a customer server engineering, and incorporates both customer and server segments.
Selenium Client incorporates:
• The WebDriver API, which you use to create test contents to cooperate with page and application components
• The RemoteWebDriver class, which speaks with a remote Selenium server
Selenium Server incorporates:
• A server part, to get demands from Selenium Client 's RemoteWebDriver class
• The WebDriver API, to run tests against web programs on a server machine
• Selenium Grid, executed by Selenium Server in order line choices for lattice highlights, including a focal center and hubs for different conditions and wanted program capacities
However, before we dive in, there are a couple of things you'll need to know before you compose your first test.
Characterize a Test Strategy:
An extraordinary approach to build your odds of computerized web testing achievement is to center your endeavors by mapping out a testing methodology. The most ideal approach to do that is to answer four inquiries:
• How does your business profit (or produce an incentive for the end-client)?
• How do your clients utilize your application?
• What programs are your clients utilizing?
• What things have softened up the application some time recently?
In the wake of noting these, you will have a decent comprehension of the usefulness and programs that issue most for the application you are trying. This will enable you to limit your underlying endeavors to the things that issue most.
From the appropriate responses you ought to have the capacity to assemble an organized rundown (or build-up) of basic business usefulness, a short rundown of the programs to concentrate on, and incorporate the hazardous parts of your application to keep an eye out for. This organized rundown will enable you to ensure you're in good shape (e.g., concentrating on things that issue for the business and its clients).
Pick a Programming Language:-
Keeping in mind the end goal to function admirably with Selenium, you have to pick a programming dialect to compose your acknowledgment tests in. Tried and true way of thinking will instruct you to pick an indistinguishable dialect from what the application is composed in. That way in the event that you stall out you can approach the engineers on your group for offer assistance. In any case, in case you're not capable in this dialect (or new to advancement), at that point your advance will be moderate and you'll likely wind up requesting more engineer help than they have time for - preventing your computerization endeavors and setting you up for disappointment.
An extraordinary approach to figure out which dialect to run with is to answer one straightforward inquiry: Who will possess the computerized tests?
Additionally, as you are thinking about which dialect to run with, consider what open source structures as of now exist for the dialects you're peering toward. Running with one will spare you a considerable measure of time and give you a large group of usefulness out of the crate that you would somehow or another need to fabricate and look after yourself - and it's FREE.
Picking a programming dialect for computerized testing isn't a choice that ought to be trifled with. In case you're recently beginning (or hoping to port your tests) at that point considering and talking about these things will help position you for long haul achievement.
Pick an Editor:-
To be beneficial when composing Java code, you will need to utilize an incorporated improvement condition (IDE). Here are a portion of the more prevalent ones:
• Eclipse
• IntelliJ
The Seven Basic Steps of Selenium Tests:-
There are seven essential strides in making Selenium test content, which apply to any experiment and any application under test (AUT).
• Create a WebDriver occurrence.
• Navigate to a Web page.
• Locate a HTML component on the Web page.
• Perform an activity on a HTML component.
• Anticipate the program reaction to the activity.
• Run tests and record test comes about utilizing a test structure.
• Conclude the test.

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