If you compete in dressage or going to show horse in the quality or the three-year test, it is also out of respect for the judgments that you make your horse is looking good.

you might think that a whole arsenal of products help you to style style horse professionally.

Here's our first little tips on how to get your horse looking great.

Consider if your horse has a cold or warm color when you select trappings. It is often easier with cool colors than warm-colored horses.
A white horse may have all colors available, both hot and cold. a really black hästkan also have many of the warm colors, although the warm brown color is not as good on black horses.

By taking these simple measures, enhances the overall impression, it helps to create a harmonious picture of the horse in question. With a little practice you will soon blow away what you do not want to show and highlight what is good.

If Haste is a bit heavy on the stomach - take a bigger saddle pad.

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