Winter is here, and the residents of Delhi and surrounding areas are feeling the chill already. Although many people love the biting cold, for many others, this season also heralds difficulties because of the smog that stays for almost half the day. Apart from the climatic features of winters in North India, there are two more developments at this time of the year. This is the wedding season, and this is also the time when most corporate plan their annual employee engagement programs. Whether you are looking for Wedding Venues in Gurgaon or Corporate Event Venues in Gurgaon, there are some things that are common to both. Let us see a few basic things you must keep in mind.

Before you go out to select a venue, you need to understand your guest profile in mind. If you are looking for a smallish venue for a bachelor party before the wedding, it will be very different from a venue that you plan to use for the families of your office team for a family day-out event. Every venue has a different character, and if you have a good idea about the age and preferences of the attendees as also the activities you will have, you will find it easier to select your venue correctly.

The venue would also depend on where your guests are coming from. When the participants of a corporate event plan a day event for which they plan to leave from their office, then the venue should be close by. But for the marriage venue, many families prefer to have the venue slightly outside the city, away from the maddening crowds.

When the venue is to be decided, one important factor is who would take care of the catering. This would include all the meals and snacks throughout the event. Many event managers prefer to use the catering services offered at the venue. But sometimes, outside caterers are brought in. If you are short of time and people for planning and execution, then it is better to go in for single window service. That also gives an opportunity of negotiating a better price from the single vendor for both venue and food.

The kind of space at the venue is important for sure. That would be a function of the number of guests expected. Additionally, the shape and layout of the available area need to be judged in view of the kind of activities that would be planned. Depending on the time of the year and the activities planned, you also need to decide whether you need an indoor venue or an outdoor venue.

Most weddings nowadays involve some sort of music and dance which requires good quality audio visual arrangements and acoustics at the venue. The requirement of AV for corporate events is usually more straightforward.

When you are planning to book a Corporate Event Venues in Gurgaon, you need to be very clear about the facilities provided as part of the package. You also need to find out which of those you are expected to arrange for and pay for by yourself. This would give you an opportunity to be very clear about the overall expenses that can be expected.

If you have taken care of the few important criteria listed above, then you can rest assured that your event will go off smoothly. Once you have an idea of the above features of the venues you are considering, you can compare the prices and take your final decision.

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