Having a portable toilet may solve a number of your problems that you may face while camping somewhere. Your own portable toilet could be of great advantage especially if you are a regular camper and often visit a number of remote camp grounds where there is hardly any amenities such as bathrooms and toilets. Regardless of your camping venue, with a portable toilet you will always have a convenient access to the toilet facilities. Also for those with kids, the portable toilet is a great option as they will always have a sanitized toilet with them.

Though a number of modern camper-vans and RVs come with sophisticated toilet facilities, many old models don’t have such option. Having a portable toilet will surely solve the problem while offering you a convenient and sanitized lavatory facility. Of course, those with a plan to camp in a tent will find this option a favourable one.

After making the decision whether to buy a portable toilet or not, check out the variety of portable toilets available in the market. You will be surprised to know that a number of amazing models of portable toilets are sold in the stores. Although each one offers the same facility, you need to make a choice based on the level of sophistication that you are looking for. You can go checking the models at any of the local stores or browse online to see the available models and their specifications.

For choosing the best portable toilet you will need to look for certain criteria. First, you need to decide the purpose for which you would like to buy one portable toilet. Backpackers should always look for a model smaller in size and of less weight. You will find a wide array of compact fold-able models that folds down to as small as a briefcase and weighs less than 7lbs.

These toilets also use biodegradable waste bags; these waste bags have the capacity to convert the waste to a gel-like substance while neutralizing the odor. The decaying process also starts within the waste bag. You can throw the bags in the rubbish once it gets filled. These toilets are sanitary and convenient to carry. You can also buy the organic waste neutralizers along with the above-named poly waste bags for your folding portable toilet.

Those looking for a bigger and sophisticated model of portable toilet can choose the popular porta-potty style model. Also a wide range of flush-able toilets are found in the market. These toilets are just like o-r regular toilets with a seat and lid, a freshwater tank and a holding tank. Capacities of the tanks vary from model to model. You can check out the available models and their specific capacity before making the purchase. A portable toilet of such model offers maximum durability, if it is made up of sturdy plastic such as polythene.

Again, the plastic ones are easy to clean and the freshwater tank is also easy to fill. Some models also come with indicators to let you know the time when the holding tank needs to be emptied. To help in the process of waste decaying, a number of products are available in the market that can be used for the holding tanks of flush-able portable toilets. These products not only help breaking down the waste, but also neutralize the odour. Campers who usually camp at remote areas with no designated portable toilet waste dumping point can plan to purchase such products.

With a wide range of choices in portable toilets, you will certainly find a perfect one for you. And with such options, you will surely have an excellent, comfortable and hygienic camping experience regardless of any camp grounds in any area.

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