When you are a business that relies on fast and safe deliveries of documents, goods and such it helps to find and use a courier service Regina based that has a good reputation. You want them to pay a lot of attention to detail, to stay in communication with you, to be fast and to be reliable. Your most essential business needs a courier service you can trust and develop hopefully a long term business arrangement with. This means you could enjoy slightly lower fees because of your loyalty and that saves you money too.

Some simple advice to help make a selection

Here are some things to think about as you start looking.

  1. Talk to their other clients – You can learn a lot from the previous or current clients, overall satisfaction, whether delivery times are met and so on. If you are a law firm looking for a local courier, see who your competition use. They are experienced with handling the kind of deliveries you require and have proven themselves trustworthy and capable.
  2. Know their delivery range – They will all have a distance they can deliver out to, but because they vary on the transportation they use, some may have longer distances than others. Also, know the range in packages they can handle, not all can take big or heavy packages. Do they have resources you need them to have?
  3. Expect consistency in every delivery – A courier Regina that has consistency is important. You do not want a service that sometimes meets the deadline and sometimes does not. As well as consistency in their deliveries they need consistency in their customer service too.
  4. Look for proof of delivery – Any courier services with any decent reputation should offer proof of delivery.
  5. Check they have insurance – You should always make sure they have an up to date insurance policy in case of damage to your packages or loss.
  6. Compare pricing - When you compare the pricing of any courier service Regina, make sure there are no hidden fees and that the rates are competitive and fair. Do not just look at the cheapest standard delivery option, also check out charges for the same day, 2-hour, overnight deliveries too.
  7. Compare delivery options – Every business has different needs from their courier so look to see they offer the options you want and see what kind of flexibility they have.
  8. Look into their reputation – In the delivery business reputation is everything. Avoid any service that does not have a great customer satisfaction history.


A courier Regina should offer the service you need at a rate you can afford. Make sure you get all the details so you can be sure everything is secure and you can have top confidence in handing over your items for delivery. There are some top couriers out there who understand the trust you are showing in them and their professionalism and will ensure that trust is not betrayed.

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