3G phones come with a lot of advantages and more feature-rich than their 2G predecessors. A lot of modern smart phones are compatible with 3G connectivity. But when it comes to buy third generation phones, you should keep few things in mind. And one most important consideration is operating system.

Buying 3G Phone based on Operating System
Like computers, smartphones come with several operating systems which run several programs and applications on the device. The operating system on your 3G phone affects the applications you can use on your phone. They come with different operating systems which are listed below –

Android – It is a well-known and most preferred operating system among smart phone users. It has several benefits over other mobile operating platforms. First of all, it has user-friendly interface and supports widest range of applications and most of them are available for free. Different apps can be downloaded on Android and these smartphones are multitasking. These devices are customizable too. A lot of makers provide these devices at low cost. Android can easily incorporate with desktop environment.

iOS – Apple iOS is known for multi-touch, user friendly and intuitive interface and one can get thousands of games and apps. You can get huge collection of applications from iOS. You can store your photos, music, contacts, documents and even more on iCloud and access them through iPad or Mac. It comes with cutting-edge graphics, voice activation tool, built-in accessibility, and security features of high level and simple updates. Apple iOS come with several benefits.

Blackberry – With excellent web browser and interface, smart phone users are blessed from Blackberry 10. One can also enjoy responsive, fast fluid graphics and interfaces in Blackberry 7 and earlier variants. A huge range of games and applications are out there. But the problem is that Blackberry doesn’t support most apps that you can get on Apple iOS and Android phones. But the best part is that you can keep business and personal data secure and separate with Blackberry Balance.
Windows – Windows Mobile operating system can enjoy the advantage of multitasking and cutting-edge capability with which it can support a widest number of high-end applications either on external memory or phone memory. Like other operating systems, Windows Mobile is not so advanced in style and design. But it is developing and enjoys the capability to integrate with desktop versions of Windows seamlessly. This is a big advantage of Windows Mobile over other applications.

Symbian – This operating system works on a huge range of Nokia handsets and it is installed on both QWERTY and touch-based handsets. Since it doesn’t need internet connection all the time, its operating system is very energy efficient. It enjoys huge range of applications and multi-tasking capacity and become one easiest mobile operating system. Voice guidance and navigation are added advantages.

Bottom line
You need to consider these operating systems and choose one of them according to your usage pattern and requirements when it comes to buy 3G smart phones. Now you can enjoy limitless web browsing and navigation facilities with them.

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