Computer hardware is an integral part of any computer. Broadly, the hardwares fall in the category of electronic, magnetic and electric devices that does computing functions. In a layman’s language, hardware is physical properties of any pc; these include microprocessor, hard disk, RAM and motherboard. Peripherals like monitor, mouse, keyboard, printer and speaker can also be considered hardware.
Computer Accessories
Computer accessories enhance the efficiency in the way you are using computer. This additional stuff really adds value to your work and accelerates the rhythm of your job. Take the functions of basic accessories like speakers, printers, scanners, UPS, surge protector, headsets, cases and covers, cleaning and repair kits. Now imagine…can you do your business without these accessories? Now think about some advanced accessories, which include webcam, microphones, gaming equipments, portable storage devices, CD and DVD recordable drives, network accessories and modem. All these accessories – basic and advanced – help your business flourish. You can have conference with your colleagues and clients, send scanned vouchers and bills, and transfer data on CD and DVD.
Desktop Computer
Even as computer market is flooded with laptops, palmtops and other smart mobile phones, desktop still rules the roost in corporate world, where most of the employees are given desktop for their daily job. Desktops are available at reasonable cost in the market; however, most companies prefer assembled desktop from computer suppliers so that they can get their requirements tailored according to their nature of business. While you are fixing your eye on any desktop, you need to check some basics like CPU, Motherboard, RAM, Hard Drive, Graphics Card, Sound Card and Optical Drives.
Laptop is the latest fad in professional world as well as in personal domain. Whether you are on a business trip or you are working from home, laptop can work wonder for you. All the pc hardware, accessories and peripherals that function with desktop can be attached with laptops. Today, laptop is not limited in use for IT personnel or business community; this wonder device is welcome by self-employed professionals, students and housewives also. The portable nature of laptop makes it popular in use; moreover, the ease of internet connectivity through Wi-Fi enables user to explore the World Wide Web anywhere, anytime. Today, Dell Laptop is selling like hot cakes in Indian market as the brand offers customized laptop to its clients.
Computer Peripherals
Computer peripherals are available in a large variety, with which you can do amazing things through internet. Peripherals are connected with any pc and therefore, they are not integral part of any pc but extra components that improve your pc using experience. The Peripherals can be output or input device; for e.g. a printer or monitor is an output device, but keyboard, scanner and mouse are considered input devices.
Overall, accessories are must-have for a complete pc experience. No matter what kind of system you have, whether it is desktop pc or laptop, these hardware and peripherals can make or mar your business if not selected smartly.

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