PSD to WordPress conversion has become one of the most used tricks in the industry. It has become one of the best ways to design a website that is designed by you and powered by the most popular CMS, WordPress.If you are among those who are seeking to find out ways of converting PSD to WordPress, go through the following checklist and see if you are following the right path.

Have your design made in Photoshop. This is the starting point for PSD to WordPress conversion. In Photoshop, you can be imaginative and design almost anything. However make sure you do not forget to include a logo, header and footer areas, side bar and main body in the design. While designing if you can segregate these parts, it will be helpful later. After designing you will have to ensure that you have sliced the file into different layers. Save each layer by a distinct name. This is an important step as only after you have sliced the image can you convert it into a web compatible format suitable for WordPress.

The third step is very important and you have to see that it is done meticulously. This is the time when the developer’s skills will be tested. Here the sliced layers are manually coded using the markup languages HTML or XHTML. CSS too has to be used to give uniformity to the codes. It is important that you manually code every part as this attracts search engine crawlers and helps get higher rankings. While coding, you also have to make sure that you semantically code every part of the design file. Semantic coding results to clean codes which are good for search engine rankings.

After coding everything manually, in the next step you will need to integrate the converted PSD file into WordPress admin panel. It is important that you create directories to store the coded files and integrate the same into WordPress. The last thing that will complete the process of PSD to WordPress conversion is testing the theme in different browsers. Cross-browser compatibility has many advantages such as more traffic from across the globe and better search engine rankings.

If you are not confident about converting PSD to WordPress yourself, you can always take the help of professional developers. However, before you hire a developer for the job, there is another set of checklist you must go through. Basically you will need to do a background check on the developer and see that they are suitable for the job. The developer needs to be experienced, must have done many such conversion projects, must be well-versed with WordPress and knows all about the continuous updates, and should be able to meet deadlines. Moreover, adequate knowledge of HTML/XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript is also important. Before you sign on the dotted lines, make a deal that you get his services 24X7 even after the project is completed. This is a precautionary step in case there is some problem later.

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