Africa is a wonderful destination to visit on a holiday. This destination has all the ingredients to make a very unique, special and unforgettable vacation. Here guests are sure be amongst abundant and diverse animals. The continent is vast and ancient and stretches from its most northern parts in Egypt, the land of the Pharaoh’s, all the way down to its most southern points at Cape Town South Africa. The oldest paths in Africa are those carved by elephants as they follow ancient paths that they have used for thousands of years. It is because of such fact that many people agree that everyone should go on a safari package holiday at least once in their lives. This article shall briefly describe the experience of seeing one of Africa greatest beasts during a safari package holiday. This animal is the Cape buffalo.

The Cape buffalo is one of Africa’s famous Big Five. Africa’s Big Five are the five most dangerous animals that live in the African bush. Guests from all over the world come to Africa to see these magnificent beasts. Extra caution must be taken when in close proximity with anyone of these animals. The Cape buffalo is certainly no exception. It is known to have a very fierce temper and to be extremely unpredictable. When many visitors see the cape buffalo, for the first time, does not seem to be one of the more dangerous animals, especially since mostly they are seen in big herds of a few hundred animals. In general it is the older male animals that when excluded from of the main herd, are the dangerous ones. They mostly join together with a few other older male animals. They are an easy prey for a hungry pride of lions and therefore can be very aggressive. When a buffalo decides to attack, they do not give warning charges, but just go for their “victim”. In Africa, they are also nicknamed “killer cows”. In an instant the powerful and large animal can turn from a docile gentile looking giant, into a fierce charging mass of muscle.

Guests should step out of their comfort zone and travel to Africa. When guests choose to go on African safari holidays are sure to be entertained by special animals like the Cape buffalo. When they return to their countries visitors will have a brand new appreciation of nature and their own place within nature. Visitors are sure to feel refreshed and re-energised after being amongst the beauty of Africa and the abundant animals.

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