A safari package holiday is a very special type of holiday. During a safari package holiday guests get to experience the best of Africa. Many guests to Africa explain that visiting the continent satisfies a primitive longing to “return home”. After all, this continent is the place where the long human story began. In Africa guests are sure to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It is one of the many benefits of being within and amongst nature. One of the most impressive animals to observe in the African wild is the African elephant. It is one of Africa’s famous Big Five (the African elephant, the African lion, the leopard, the Cape buffalo and the black or white rhino). This article shall briefly describe seeing the African elephant in Africa on a safari package holiday.

The African elephant is the largest land mammal on earth. It is a wonderful animal to observe during a safari package to earth. Perhaps this is because of how similar the African elephant is to humans. It is a highly intelligent animal that has a very complex family structure. The mothers are so protective of their babies and spend all day teaching and loving them. They band together to shield their young if they feel danger is present. They are highly social animals and meet every day to roll around in the mud pool together. They cry when a family member dies and they mourn their death every year on their anniversary. Though these animals are similar to humans in many ways that should not make guests forget how dangerous these huge animals can be. The male elephant is especially dangerous. Guests should make sure that they give these huge animals their space. Especially during mating season when the males “lock horns” should visitor be careful and weary of male elephants.

Any seasoned safari expert would certainly tell visitors that Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe is the perfect place to see abundant elephants during a safari package holiday. This national park in Zimbabwe has the highest concentration of African elephant on the planet.

That slow, steady gait of theirs will deceive visitors on a safari package holiday into thinking they are lacking in power and speed. And then one starts to run towards you in your car and you become aware of the squashing power they have. These animals are truly fantastic.

In conclusion guests should go on an African safari. Here they will get to see great animals such as the African elephant. Guests to the continent are sure to gain a new appreciation of the beauty of the planet. They are sure to feel rejuvenated once they return from their safari package holiday.

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