What are you afraid of the most while paying a visit to a dentist? The pain, clearly! And what if somebody assures you that there will be no pain while you will be getting the procedure done? Are you going to think it is true? But it is true, seemingly from the claims of the recent procedure termed as ‘Sedation Dentistry’. Sedation dentistry intends to calm down the patient making use of medicines in order to take out all the panic from his or her brain prior to the dental surgery. The drugs are of course, sedatives which pose calmness to the central nervous system, especially the regions which are connected to perception. So, this is named as sleep dentistry as well. Sedation dentistry lets the patient have dental procedure with ease.

What is done in sedation dentistry?

A tablet is to be taken an hour or two before commencing the dental treatment. This pill gives a tranquil and yet alert state in the individual. This is utterly beneficial for those individuals who fear dental procedure just because of the atmosphere of the clinic and the thought of pain. The medication makes such persons comfortable while visiting the clinic. And albeit these patients are under the influence of the medicine, they are aware enough to understand the dentist’s simple instructions. After the treatment, the individuals go back to home while being in the same comforted stage. They can rest for the entire day. Even, most of these persons remember a little or don’t remember at all of the treatment.

Is sedation dentistry really advantageous and needed?

Per se, sedation dentistry doesn’t have any benefits related to dental procedure. The medication of sedation has no concern with the surgery. Nevertheless, if the patient is keeping away from a dental surgery simply due to apprehension of going to a dentist, sedation dentistry is vital for her or him. If such a person keeps on evading the surgery, her or his problem will aggravate, producing grave consequences. So firstly it is vital to go to the dentist and get treated and for this, it is needed to dispose of all the anxiety from patient’s mind, which is achieved by the sedation dentistry. The process of sedation is so useful in such situations, that the dentist can give many procedures in one single session and the person calmly undergoes them, owing to the maintained effect of sedative medicine. Because of this there is a saving of dentist’s time and money and time of patient.

Degrees of sedation

As far as levels of sedation are considered, there are 3 degrees, viz. minimal, moderate and deep. Amongst these, the one included in the sedation dentistry is the first, i.e. minimal. Minimal level of sedation makes the person simply soothed and not really asleep. Due to this, the individual can visit the dentist’s office and is able to understand everything, like incidences in the surrounding, the dentist’s guidelines, etc. But the major difference from his regular condition is, he is soothed and not scared and that is the significant part possible by using sedation dentistry.

If you are keeping away from your dental procedure, owing to terror, tell your dentist so and he will use sedation dentistry to you, whereby you can go through the vital surgery without any trouble.

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