Security of human is concerned with protection and increasing human’s vibrant freedoms. Protection refers to the norms, policies and institutions essential to shield people and implies a 'top-down approach', such as the rule of law and democratic governance. Empowerment underscores the role of people as actors and participants and implies a 'bottom-up' approach.

Everybody needs security and want to spend a secure and safe life for this purpose human puts a lot of attention to make their life safe and secure they find all the possible ways to make their selves secure and for this purpose sometimes they build strong lock system and sometimes they hire other people for their security as a guard from different security guard companies. The main purpose is that humans wants to spend their lives in a safe environment safety is important for all the human beings.

Concept of Human Security

The concept of human security represents a departure from orthodox security studies, which focus on the security of the state. The subjects of the human security approach are individuals, and its end goal is the protection of people from traditional (i.e., military) and nontraditional threats such as poverty and disease. Central to this approach is the understanding that human security deprivations can undermine peace and stability within and between states, whereas an overemphasis on state security can be determined to human welfare.
Human security does not seek to supplant state security, but rather to complement it. Countries have the responsibility of providing security. Yet they often fail to fulfill their obligations. As the multitude of violent conflicts and extreme poverty demonstrates, states cannot be secure if people's security is at stake. But neither can people be secure in the absence of strong, democratic and responsible states, as the multitude of collapsed states in the world illustrates. Therefore there are a lot of security guard companies in California and other countries which working very hard to stand side by side government to provide security to the citizens.
Human security also underscores the close linkages between gross human rights violations and national and international insecurities. The Rwandan genocide represents one of the worst human security failures, and the consequences still reverberate through the Great Lakes region of Africa nearly ten years later. Therefore, realizing human rights lies at the core of protecting and empowering people.

Why Human Security is Important

Security of human is very important in the development and in develop thinking. Like security guard services in Los Angeles works for the development and it can be seen as an ultimate process of intensifying the real freedoms that people enjoy'. Human must be protected when they face any sudden circumstances in the life by focusing on the risks human security is important and on the first place. In addition to 'growth with equity', human security is equally concerned with 'downturns with security'. In the absence of safety nets, people face critical and pervasive insecurities in sudden downturns which, in turn, may be exacerbated, increasing conflict and violence. There are some highly advanced securities System, Virtual Guards Keep a watchful eye on property 24 hours. Real time monitoring & detection. Billions of assets are being saved by the experts and trust worthy people. These companies are Licensed And Insured Security Guard Company.

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If security is to be protected, conflict prevented, human rights respected and poverty eradicated, we require urgently a new consensus on security. This is a shared responsibility. Human security provides an impetus for all countries, whether developed or developing, to review existing security, economic, development and social policies. Creating genuine opportunities for people's safety, livelihood and dignity should be the overall objective of these policies by security guard companies in California and rest of the world. Safety of the people is fist and the foremost thing which counts in the development of the country. If the people will always feel unsecure they will not be able to put their all efforts in anything which automatically going to hinder the progress of a country.

Equally important is to overcome the existing compartmentalization of policies and programs along institutional divisions of work - along security, development and assistance lines. This requires a fundamental rethinking of current institutional arrangements and policies. Integration rather than separation should be the catch phrase.

At a time when the exercise of hard military power seems to leave little scope for soft power, of promoting democratic principles or respecting freedom and human rights, this call for a new security consensus may appear ill timed. But hard power alone does not win the minds and confidence of people. Not only does our security understanding need to respond to changing threats, but also to the emerging configuration of joint efforts by civil society groups and community leaders. States no longer hold the monopoly over security issues. People themselves are expected to shoulder increasing responsibilities in determining their own interests, aspirations and security.

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