Security Guard – Who Is He?
Security guard is a paid professional whose main work is to protect home as well as private properties. They are professionals who are trained to provide various types of home security and private security services including protection of property through maintenance of high visibility maintenance so that inappropriate and illegal actions can be deterred. A security guard generally has a uniform and thus can be readily distinguished or identified. These guards not only protect our office or residential building but also safeguard the individuals living or working therein.
What Do We Generally Expect From a Security Guard?
A security guard should have strong sense of duty. This sense of duty should not only be towards the employer but also towards the people whom they are assigned to protect. In addition, a security guard should be good at making correct judgement at the right time. Common sense is another characteristic feature of such security guards. Sometimes, home and private security guards carry weapons to safeguard their client from potential harm. However, these weapons should be licensed and certified. In addition to it, a security guard is required to have strong, alert and observant eyes so that he can testify at court if he is called. In addition, a home security and private security guard should always try to complete the security guarding job as safely as possible.

A security guard may find himself in a queer and tensed situation. In such a case, the guard should be trained enough to remain cool and calm so that the situation can be handled in a matured manner. A security guard should be quick to comprehend the situation at ground zero and should have the swiftness in handling a situation. He should be able to decide quickly whether it is time to call the police or he can manage it individually.

Ideal and Basic Features of a Home Security and Private Security Guard

There are some basic features that a security guard should possess and they are:
1. Courage, honesty and integrity
2. Strong ethical and moral beliefs
3. Sense of duty towards the public (they are safe guarding), employers and themselves should be very strong
4. Good communication skill
5. Should be able to provide proper and flawless information to the visitors regarding the security policies of their company
6. Should be able to follow the instruction of their leaders in entirety and at the same time lead from the front in case of a dangerous situation
Three Most Important Characteristics of a Good Home Security and Private Security Guard

1. Common Sense and Good Judgement Quality
It is highly important for a security guard to have common sense as well as good judgement power. If a guard is in a certain position where the situation might get out of hand, he/she must have good judgement power in judging the situation correctly and acting properly. If he/she feels that the situation might turn hostile, the concerned security guard must be swift in calling the police promptly.

2. Obey Instructions
A good security guard is one which is able to obey orders of his employer. If an employer asks the concerned person to guard a certain place then he should be able to follow that instruction. If a guard is asked to monitor a particular place then he/she should be able to follow the instructions properly.

3. Proper Communication
A professional security guard must have good communication skills otherwise he/she might not be able to handle a queer and troublesome situation. In addition, if a situation unfurls in such a way that it ends up in court then the guard should be able to testify clearly all his/her observations.

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