It seems that every day another person quits their job to work full time on the internet. How they do this often stays only to them until they release some package that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. The problem is that when you buy one of these packages, you will realize that they just got lucky and their situation is basically a dead-end at this point (normally they have that particular market monopolized).

The thing that keeps many people from attempting to make money on the internet is that they think they've heard of everyone who has quit their job to work there. The problem is that thousands of people work full time on the internet making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Many of these you won't hear about (and for good reason). If they were to make public how they started making that much money, then their way of making money probably wouldn't work anymore.

Membership sites are some of the most popular websites on the internet. Whether it be youtube, myspace, facebook, or some other popular membership website, you've probably heard about it (or even frequently use it). Often these websites weren't actually built for monetary purposes but instead to provide a needed service to users. Later these sites are monetized and can earn loads of money. The middle man here can be cut out though, you can go straight for monetary gains.

When someone first decides to make a membership site, they think all night and come up with some brilliant idea. The problem is that when they try to market this idea, they realize: they have no experience or credibility, and they have nobody to advertise their program (conglomerates). The worst part is that once they've tried with this idea, they can't use it again when their name is recognized and they could make substantial profits from it.

To start on the right foot, you'll need to learn a bit from someone who's done it before. You need someone who started from nothing and got to a full-time job. Unfortunately these people can be very hard to get in contact unless you learn a bunch about them and try out their products. The best way to begin learning is to find one of the membership site specialists. There are many internet marketing professionals but not many don't have experience in membership websites (which tend to be the easiest to use and most profitable).

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Hiro Kaneko is a 15 year 'Corporate Burnout' who quietly snuck out the back door... and replaced his 70 hour grind with a 20 hour work week.

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